Process Runner – XD02 – Linking BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2 with XD02

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CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2 XD02 XD06 is a quick video demonstrating Process Runner Excel Add-in in action, highlighting the download of data from SAP to Excel utilizing the BAPI CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2, followed by the appending of ZZ to the Customer Name as well as Search Field, utilizing the SAP transaction code XD02, in order to easily look up a customer and flag them for deletion at a later time.

In addition to this, from the same the Excel Workbook, with Excel again as an interface to SAP, the BAPI CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2 is run, followed by XD02 to append ZZ to the customer name and search field, and then the transaction XD06 is immediately run, to flag the customers for deletion.

These examples demonstrate the ability to link multiple technologies and multiple process files with Process Runner and Process Runner Excel Add-in.