VK11 Create Pricing Conditions right from Excel using VTR

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VK11 Create Pricing Conditions Right From Excel using Vertical Transaction Repeater or VTR is a video which explains how an end user can run the SAP Transaction Code or T-Code VK11 Create Pricing Conditions utilizing Process Runner’s Vertical Transaction Repeater. VTR allows the end user to automatically replicate transaction calls not only across rows but across columns as well. This allows for multiple transaction calls per row and the values of each call comes from the columns. Upon clicking the run button, pricing conditions from March of 2013 are saved, followed by April, May, and June for each material. The script is run right from Excel with the click of a button, utilizing Innowera’s Process Runner Excel Add-in, showing how Excel can become an interface to SAP, and greatly simplify the process of creating pricing conditions in SAP for an end user.