Process Runner – VBAK and VBAP – How to create a table join with Process Runner

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“VBAK and VBAP – How to create a table join with Process Runner” demonstrates how to create a table join of the VBAK Sales Document: Header Data table and the VBAP Sales Document: Item Data table of the Sales and Distribution (SD) module of SAP, utilizing Innowera’s Process Runner.

In the video the instructor explains the mapping settings which are utilized to map the script of a VBAK data extraction script to an Excel spreadsheet. The instructor also explains how a data filter is set up, so that the script will run and filter the data based on a customer number (KUNNR) solely, or the script can be run, with a filter based on a customer number and a sales document number (VBELN). When executed, the script will then write the sales document number/s to column A of the Excel spreadsheet.

The instructor then explains the mapping settings for the VBAP data extraction script, which maps to the same Excel spreadsheet. He also explains how the data filter is set to read the sales document number from column A of the Excel Spreadsheet, which is what causes the tables to be linked.

After successfully creating the join and executing the VBAK and VBAP scripts, the instructor then explains how to embed the scripts into an Excel Spreadsheet, so an end user will be able to execute the table join directly from Excel, allowing for Excel to be the interface to SAP, utilizing Innowera’s Process Runner Excel Add-in.