Jump Start

Jump Start Implementation & Training

Jump Start Implementation & Training:

With the growing trend in rapid deployment Innowera has created a training program that will be sure to get your organization running in no time. The Jump Start Implementation & Training program is offered to any interested customer. It is custom tailored to your organizations needs and requirements. An example itinerary is provided below.

2 day Jump Start Implementation & Training: Typical group size (4 to 6 participants)

Day 1

  • Implementation of Products*
  • Technical training on particular procured products
  • Classroom training, with hands on practice time with instructor support

Day 2

  • Continued technical training
  • Remainder of time, implementation of actual business scenarios
  • Participants will work on real use case scenarios with support of trainer

* Depending on complexity of implementation (i.e. number of users, enterprise apps, etc…), may need to have pre-training meeting for implementation to ensure full use of training days.

This is a typical itinerary and our training team will work with you to customize the itinerary to suit your organizations needs.

Please contact innowerasales@magnitude.com for more information regarding pricing and scheduling of the Jump Start Implementation & Training.

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