Automate SAP Data Upload

Introducing Process Runner by Innowera – The SAP Data Upload Solution

SAP Upload

The Power of SAP Data Upload Automation

  • Upload, run and automate almost any SAP Data from Excel

  • Upload data quickly and accurately without scripting or programming

  • SAP and Excel applications communicate seemlessly to make uploads easy

  • SAP Upload Simplified: Upload from Excel with Drag and Drop or point, click and shoot

  • Upload SAP Data to Excel: Use Transactions, Remote Function Modules, BAPIs or GUI Scripts

  • Download a Free Trial: Process Runner and see the results

  • Attractive licensing options: Subscriptions from $$$ and more. Send me more pricing info

SAP Data Upload Automation tool
Innowera SAP Partner

SAP Upload: Increase Efficiency / Reduce Transaction Time

SAP Data Upload Solution: Process Runner by Innowera

  • Simplified SAP Data upload from Excel with Drag and Drop Mapper

  • SAP to Excel and Excel to SAP uploads and SAP Download – both directions are supported

  • Reduce time and cost in data migration from Excel to SAP Uploads

  • Upload the most relevant data quickly, easily and in one click repeatable manner

  • Parallel Processing can dramatically improve the SAP upload time

Process Runner – the SAP Download solution for Small Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies

SAP Data Upload broad coverage – connect Transaction, BAPI or GUI Script to Excel

Process Runner allows you to record, run, upload and automate almost any SAP upload task using:

  • Transactions

  • BAPIs (Business APIs)

  • GUI Scripts

Process Runner: The only SAP to Excel tool that supports all these methods in one package. Send me more info

Process Runner by Innowera “The SAP Upload Solution”

How it Works

  • Record: Build transactions, BAPI/RFM, GUI scripts or SAP Data Extractor

  • MAP: SAP Data fields to Excel using drag and drop graphical interface

  • Execute: The process in the SAP system that you specify

Let Process Runner by Innowera simplify your SAP Upload tasks. Make SAP upload as easy as 1, 2, 3. Try it Free

Download Process Runner

SAP Excel connectivity need not be a difficult or expensive

Innowera Process Runner. The SAP Excel solution reduces operating costs & optimizes efficiency by automating SAP to Excel data activity. The maintenance and migration of SAP to excel has arrived. Try Process Runner Today.

Many licensing options: Subscriptions from $$$ and more. Send me more pricing info