Video: SAP MM from Excel

SAP MM Video from excel

Work in SAP MM directly from Excel

Process Runner offers one of the best solutions for your SAP MM automation needs.

Process Runner offers broad coverage for SAP MM master and transactional data creation, maintenance, analysis and monitoring. Process Runner enables automation of SAP Transaction, BAPI, GUI Scripting and Data Extraction tasks from one seamless application. Cloud templates for MM

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Listed below are some of the many features that Process Runner offers. For list of all the features, click on list of Important Process Runner Features.

Run directly from Excel

Run directly from Excel

Users can run SAP directly from Excel without having to use any other application. Simplify user adoption as they will work in an application that millions are very familiar with and use day to day.

Users can execute Test Run to validate the data, and perform step-by-step debug in SAP for troubleshooting. One click error-processing shows all the errors in one batch. Process Runner installation is not required.

Broad Coverage - Use Transaction or BAPIs.

Broad Coverage - Use Transaction or BAPIs

Post MM documents using transactions you use today or discover even better way.

Process Runner allows you to use hundreds of SAP transaction codes such as MM01, MB59, MIGO, MRBR and many other. You may also choose to use Business APIs.

Choose transaction, BAPI or both to handle a wide variety of scenarios and situations. Only Process Runner offers this option.

Supports Customization and User Exists

Supports Customization and User Exists

Process Runner will automatically detect and use your customizations, custom fields or enhanced validation logic.

Ready to Run Cloud templates are available to get you started now

Ready to Run Cloud  templates are available to get you started now

Process Runner has ready to use templates that will get you started quickly. We have hundreds of templates and we are frequently adding more. Templates allow you start using popular MM transactions such as MM01, MIGO, MIRO, ME21N, MB1B, MB51, MR21, MB01 immediately. You will also have access to ready to use templates for some of the popular MM Business APIs. These templates come with sample data stored in Excel format with all required recording and mapping already done.

To see some MM templates available on our Innowera Cloud, click here.

Individual line level error checking

Individual line level error checking

Run the document in test mode to check the entire document or individual line quickly. Find and address line level errors and issues fast before posting the entire document.

Process Runner also offers one click error processing making it simple to re-process errors once you fix them.

Automatic support for lines more than 999

Automatic support for lines more than 999

Process Runner automatically splits your large document into two or more parts with configurable Dynamic Row Splitter(DRS). DRS implementation also offers enterprise grade error processing.

Schedule a web demo and see what Process Runner can do if you have those large documents. Process Runner works without any custom ABAP and nothing to implement in your SAP landscape.

SOX Compliant

SOX Compliant

Process Runner implementation will be as SOX compliant as your SAP implementation. The best part is that your auditor (apart from BASIS) will love you as there is no custom ABAP program involved.

With Process Runner, you are using standard SOX compliant sets and features delivered by SAP and implemented by you.

*Zero ABAP - Works out of the box

Zero ABAP - Works out of the box

Here is the best part. Process Runner works out of the box. You install it on your desktop and if you have required SAP security, you are ready to go in under 30 minutes.

No ABAP or custom program to install in your landscape. Your manager, IT, Auditor and you - all are happy. No custom ABAP means one less thing to worry about.

*Advanced functionalities need custom ABAP.

Learn more about Process Runner.