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Introducing Process Runner by Innowera – The SAP Data Download Solution

SAP Download

The Power of SAP Data Download Automation:

  • SAP Download Simplified: Download SAP data between SAP and Excel

  • Download SAP data quickly and accurately without scripting or programming

  • Download SAP Data using Transactions, Remote Function Modules, BAPIs or Data Extractors to Excel

  • SAP Download works out of the box. No special ABAP to install or no changes required in your SAP system

  • SAP and Excel applications communicate seemlessly to make downloads easy

  • Don’t take our word. Download a Free Trial:Process Runner

  • Attractive licensing options: Subscriptions from $$$ and more.Send me more pricing info

SAP Data Upload Automation tool
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SAP Download Increase Efficiency / Cut Labor Cost

SAP Data Download Solution: Process Runner by Innowera:

  • Drag and Drop Mapper simplifies SAP Data download process

  • Reduce development and deployment cost on SAP download special projects

  • SAP Data download and SAP Upload helps improve overall data quality in your SAP landscape

  • Reduce time to complete SAP Data downloads and Migration tasks

  • Download the most relevant data quickly, easily and in one click repeatable manner

  • Parallel Processing can dramatically improve the download execution time

          Process Runner – the SAP Download solution for Small Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies

SAP Data download broad coverage – use Transaction, BAPI or Tables and Views

Process Runner allows you to download and automate almost any SAP Data objects using

  • Transactions

  • BAPIs (Business APIs)

  • Remote Function Modules (RFCs/RFMs)

  • Data Extractor to directly download over 80K SAP tables and views

Process Runner: The only SAP Download tool that supports all these methods in one package. Send me more info

Process Runner by Innowera “The SAP Download Solution”

How it Works

  • Record: Build transactions, BAPI/RFM, GUI scripts or SAP Data Extractor profile

  • MAP: SAP Data fields to Excel using drag and drop graphical interface or let it auto map for you

  • Execute: The process in the SAP system that you specify

Let Process Runner simplify your SAP Download task. Make SAP Download as easy as 1, 2, 3. Try it Free

Download Process Runner

SAP Download need not be a difficult or expensive

Process Runner is one of the best in its class and is loaded with features that will make your workday productive in every way you use and download SAP data. It has one click auto parallel processing, a built-in task scheduler, built-in Excel, Enterprise Sharing and much more. All these will reduce time and efforts of downloading, while delivering better productivity.

Many licensing options: Subscriptions from $$$ and more. Send me more pricing info