Innowera Process Runner DB

Connect SAP to your database. Simplify upload and download of data.

Process Runner DB offers you a simple environment to create mass data processing routines and applications between SAP and some of the most common third party databases.

Upload and download data between connected database tables of some database systems and your SAP systems.

Work faster and more efficiently with your SAP data without any special training.

Install and run without writing any programs.


Extends SAP for Two-Way Integration with database of your choice

Simplify uploading and downloading between SAP to your database – works without installing or configuring anything in your SAP backend!

Connect SAP to database – Process Runner DB is a database oriented mass processing tool developed from the same technology as our Excel-based Process Runner. With Process Runner DB, you can upload and download data between connected database tables of some of the most popular database systems today and your SAP systems. Process Runner DB enables you to work faster and more efficiently with your SAP data without any special training, all without any changes to your SAP system. No need to write any programs, or manage any scripts. And below that add a second separate feature:

Note: Process Runner DB works with any SAP database in the backend. Databases listed above are database you have for development. For example, Process Runner DB is perfect if your SAP backend database is Oracle while the database you are using to develop your project is Microsoft SQL.

The Databases available are: SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, SAP Sybase, common standard of Comma Separated Values (CSV) and XML.


Process Runner DB supports SAP data management by recording, mapping and executing across SAP transactions, both standard and custom. All recent SAP releases are supported.

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Similar to transaction, Process Runner DB supports recording, mapping and executing standard and custom BAPIs and RFMs. BAPI is engineered to handle multiple scenarios with functionality. Some examples include record locking, enqueue/dequeue, auto commit, auto handling of X-Structures, etc.

BAPI functionality of Process Runner DB further extends standard SAP technology with support for multiple tables as well as download of such input tables allowing for easy correlations between inputs and outputs.

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GUI Script

The Process Runner DB GUI scripting (GS) technology allows users to work with Enjoy and newer CRM/SCM transactions. It can react to the screen at run time, handle ALV grids, scroll bars and other advanced control objects. Also, the find and replace functionality provides ability to update correct records in large screen grid or step loop even when the transaction is lacking find/search option.

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Data Extractor

Data Extractor is an extension and in some cases the replacement of SE16, SE17, SQVI, and SQ01. Data Extractor:

  • Provides capability extracting data from thousands of SAP tables or views into your connected database. Process Runner DB’s graphical filtering interface gets the most relevant data quickly and easily.
  • Users can share, manage and control Process Runner DB files to enhance team productivity. Data Extractor is optimized for MS-SQL or Oracle and achieves greater performance with functionality such as bulk inserts and parallel processing.
  • Data Extractor’s advanced functionality includes the ability to use another table as a filter condition, allowing you to write SQL’s select statement within the filter. Automatic Condition Splitter within Data Extractor allows writing where conditions exceed 20K characters.

1. Data Filter:

Process Runner DB offers various data filter options to filter data while extracting it from SAP. Data can be filtered using Data Filter Builder, ABAP filter or can be filtered by writing SQL statements.

2. Automatic Table Splitter:

Automatic Table Splitter (ATS) allows configurable slicing of tables into multiple parts resulting in improved performance for large table extraction with slicing on the indexed key fields. Sliced table parts will be extracted internally as individual requests but appended to the one output table or a text file. ATS is designed to improve performance of large extracts, works with SAP standard delivered function modules and does not require any adapter or ABAP installation.

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Centralized Monitoring and Execution Control of Processes – Innowera Commander

The Innowera Commander offers centralized monitoring and execution control for various processes. Commander is based on MSMQ technology to bring robust, reliable and fail-safe performance for process execution, allowing users to individually execute all the scheduled processes in one instance of Process Runner DB. Check out our blog to learn more about Innowera Commander.

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Ready to Run Templates on Cloud

Innowera offers hundreds of ready to run templates. Templates are ready with recording, mapping and data on Innowera’s Rapid Data Management (RDM) cloud. Templates are available for sales order, purchase orders, networks, materials, vendors, customers, and hundreds of other popular processes. RDM Templates eliminates the need to record and map, further reducing time and making Process Runner DB super easy to use.

You can directly access these templates from Process Runner DB and start using them within minutes.

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Innowera Enterprise Apps support

Execute almost any SAP Transaction, Business API (BAPI) or remotely callable function module (RFM/RFC) from one seamless interface. Process Runner also includes turbo fast, always responsive Data Extractor.

Innowera Enterprise Applications (Innowera Control Panel, Innowera EShare and Innowera Dashboard) are designed to work with Process Runner DB for larger deployments where automation software must have centralized governance of mass processing to prevent accidental damage to your SAP system.

Innowera Control Panel – allows powerful control in your hand so you can manage how Process Runner DB is being used (or not) within your enterprise. The web-based centralized interface enables real-time control and monitoring so you can instantly define and implement mass processing usage policies across Users, Systems, Schedules and Processes – all without changing SAP security or impacting anything else.

EShare – is an integrated DB file store interface. EShare enables easy to use file management, search, collaboration and sharing across the enterprise. EShare allows you to quickly expand the expertise of your entire team. Knowledge, searching and distribution is made simple and effective with EShare.

Dashboard – provides a graphical overview of how Process Runner DB is being used within your enterprise. Drill down to record level to find out who is doing what, or simply spot a trend within departments, users, systems or processes. It provides management visibility into lifecycle and test management reports, metrics and graphical key performance indicators (KPIs).

Innowera Enterprise Applications work with Process Runner DB to take SAP mass processing and automation to the next level for your agile enterprise. Innowera Enterprise Applications are designed so they can be added only when required. If you are looking for an enterprise grade solution and want to increase the benefit of SAP user empowerment, the winning combination of Process Runner DB and Innowera Enterprise Applications is the way to go.

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Dynamically change or validate data at runtime – Dynamic Formula

Dynamic Formula (DF) is a very powerful feature of Process Runner DB that allows you to assign specific validations to selective Mapping types. Assigned mapped values can be dynamically changed at runtime with the help of DF.

Process Runner DB comes with 10 widely used built-in Dynamic Formulas. You can also custom define DF and implement your own transformation function with VB.NET.

Filter data at runtime – Dynamic Skips

Dynamic Skips or DS, allows you to skip an entire record field and screen at run time based on criteria that you specify.

Process Runner DB comes with 3 widely used built-in Dynamic Skips. You can also custom define DS and implement your own skip criteria. DS can be written in VB.NET.

Run multiple SAP processes on single click – Process Connection

Process Connection allows you to chain or connect one process after another. With Process Connection, you can connect an SAP Transaction, BAPI, Data Extraction or any combination, and build a long chain of automated tasks.

For example, you may use a Data Extraction process to get all the material master (or any other) records with specific criteria and feed that output of that to say a material master change (or any other transaction or BAPI or GUI Scripting) process.

Filters, Customizations & Groupings

Each grid in Process Runner DB (Mapper, EShare, Log and Stat), has built-in:

  • Dynamic Search filters – to enable filtering of data based on a particular search string.
  • Customizations – Enable\Disable viewing of specific columns in the grid.
  • Groupings – Sort data in the grid based on specific column groupings.

These features will facilitate the view and management of complicated data elements.

XML Support to Work offline

Process Runner DB supports XML source so users can work when they are not connected to a database. The built in XML table functions the same as any other database table, allowing users to save and update data in the internal XML table.

Scalability and Performance

Process Runner DB is built on a secure and scalable framework suited for large enterprises. It leverages and preserves SAP systems security to provide application integrity. Automatic Table Splitter (ATS) allows configurable slicing of a table into smaller sections, improving performance for large table extractions.

Easy to use basic Database Knowledge

A user does not have to be a database administrator or an expert of databases to use Process Runner DB. If they know required read-write and can access the database, basic knowledge about how to connect the database and access the required table is all that is needed to get started.

No ABAP and Full Compliance

Process Runner DB works out of the box. It builds upon what SAP has already delivered, and no ABAP or Transports are required to implement Process Runner DB.

Process Runner DB will be as SOX compliant as your SAP implementation. With Process Runner DB you are using the standard SOX compliant sets and features delivered by SAP.

Schedule Process with Task Scheduler

Process Runner DB provides a built-in advanced scheduling interface to Windows Task Scheduler called Built-In Scheduler. It enables easy scheduling of a currently open file.

Once you schedule a process file, Windows Task Scheduler will automatically launch Process Runner DB and execute the process at your scheduled time. Another great feature is if you provided Windows Logon information and you were logged out, it can log you in and start Process Runner DB.

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Notes\SAP Documentation

Maintain notes or important reminders about your process and Process Runner DB can display these notes or reminders when you or someone else opens or runs the file.

Process Runner DB could also retrieve the documentation provided by SAP for BAPI/RFM and store it within process file for easy reference.

Check usage details – Log

Process Runner DB transaction execution maintains normal audit trails in SAP. In addition to SAP change history, Process Runner DB maintains a local XML log and can be searched or filtered on to retrieve past history. This log displays the details of each of the run calls you have executed so far. Each time you execute the run, a Start Event is logged followed by details of each of the important steps for each run. You are able to automatically open old process files from within Log display.

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Check usage summary – Stat

Similar to Log, Process Runner DB also maintains and displays the summary of each of the run processes that you have executed. Each time you execute the run, a record is inserted with summary information. This summary information allows you to see execution times and can help you calculate time saved. An extension of this XML statistical data can help you with ROI calculation.

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Innowera offers several licensing options to accommodate the needs of every organization. We take the time to understand our customer’s requirements so that we can help them find the most suitable licensing model for their unique and specific situations.

Download Process Runner DB Free


Download the latest Process Runner DB free Evaluation version here. Evaluation users will have access to our 30 day full evaluation version. There will be a limitation on the number of SAP calls and other features such as: multiple sessions, RFMs, etc. (May not be available during trial period).

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