SAP Data Technology Overview

Innowera offers a comprehensive solution covering all of your SAP data management needs. At the core of the data management offering is the Process Runner a mass data processing engine. Surrounding the Process Runner are Innowera’s enterprise applications for governance, reporting, and collaboration. Together they form Innowera’s Data Management Suite designed to meet the needs of your SAP Data Management Strategy for an Agile enterprise.

This next section will provide a high level overview of each of the components of Innowera’s Data Management Suite.

  • Process Runner/Process Runner DB
  • Innowera Control Panel
  • Innowera Dashboard
  • Innowera Easy Workflow and EShare

Process Runner/Process Runner DB

Process Runner is a simple yet powerful SAP Data loader and extractor designed for business users. It automates SAP transactions, BAPI’s, and table extractions, allowing you to accurately and efficiently upload and download information between SAP and Excel (Process Runner DB works with database sources such as MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase, My-SQL and DB2 as well as MS-Access, CSV and delimited text files) without programming, scripting or coding. Process Runner dramatically reduces on-going costs and optimizes efficiencies by automating day-to-day data maintenance and migration operations between your SAP and Microsoft Excel, Access, SharePoint, various popular Databases and other systems. Process Runner offers easy to use capability to upload data to SAP Transactions or Business APIs or download data from SAP tables and views as well from thousands of business objects. With built-in best practices and expert support services, Process Runner provides a best-in-class SAP data management system for business as well as technical users. Process Runner is capable of driving deep SAP automation and usually provides ROI in a few weeks to months. A free evaluation copy of Process Runner can be downloaded from Innowera’s website. Process Runner currently has four SAP technology modules for Mass processing.

Transaction (TX)
Upload and Download from SAP
  • Upload and download data directly from Excel
  • Manage multiline & complex transactions including 999+ FI/CO documents, Vertical Condition Records, etc.
  • Download Reports including Excel reports
  • The most advance mass update transaction tool
GUI Scripting (GS)
Upload and Download from SAP
  • Can handle very complex objects – transaction may have limitations or may not work at all
  • Performance efficient.Can also work with Remote Function Modules (RFMs/RFCs)
  • Usually upgrade proof, not dependent on screens
  • Also suitable to manage Long Text
Primarily Upload to SAP
  • Works with Enjoy & newer CRM, SCM transactions.
  • Able to react to screen at run time, can handle scroll bars, ALV grids and such other advance controls objects
  • Find and Replace functionality – even when transaction is lacking find/search option providing ability to update correct record in large screen grid or step loop
Data Extractor (DE)
Download / Extracts from SAP
  • Efficient data extractor with built in Data Dictionary
  • Can extract from SAP Tables, Table Joins (Views) directly to Excel, Text or MS-Access
  • Can use Excel data as filtering source – useful for extracting selected records from large tables
  • Extensible to have record/line level restrictions by company code, etc.

Click here for a comparison between Process Runner and Process Runner DB

Process Runner is available in two different interfaces :

  • Designer = Super User View -> Design Focused UI
    • Extended user interface for design, test, debug, run
    • Ability to create, change, copy, duplicate and extend existing process or use cloud sample store
    • Ability to implement checks, passwords, rights, notifications, pre-post processing, etc.

Run Only
  • Run Only = End User View -> Data/Task Focused UI
    • Simplified user interface, focused on data and task
    • Same advanced processing functionality without worrying about how it works, screens, mapping etc.
    • Can handle transaction, data extractor and more from the same user interface
    • Less expensive licensing

Learn more about Process Runner Designer v/s Run Only

Innowera Control Panel

Innowera’s web based control panel provides a governance layer on top of the standard SAP security control. Innowera Control Panel allows IT to easily and globally monitor and control Process Runner access within an enterprise.

For example, you can control what transaction or BAPI they can run or cannot run or how many records they can update for creating material master (you may not want them to create thousands of material masters or employees with mass processing tool), which system they can log into and which system they cannot. You can also control how many Process Runner users can log into your production SAP system at any given time (so they will not take over all the threads from other users) – All these and many other controls are possible with centralized web based Innowera Control Panel without changing SAP security.

In a nutshell, your widespread and remote users will enjoy flexibility of access and you will still have full management with Innowera Control Panel. If you are considering a mass processing solution for a larger user base, Innowera Control Panel is a must to bring sensible and controlled deployment to your SAP landscape or to be ready for an accident that is certain to happen. Learn More…

Innowera Dashboard

Innowera Dashboard is an optional add-on that provides a graphical overview of how Process Runner is being used within your enterprise. Innowera Dashboard provides an at-a-glance managerial view that aggregates push results from individual Process Runner users throughout the enterprise. Push results can be configured to be near real time to get an instantaneous view of errors, exceptions and success to better control and monitor when time is critical. Learn More…

Innowera Easy Workflow/EShare

Innowera Easy Workflow with Enterprise Share (EShare) is the complete sharing, collaboration and business process management platform that extends Process Runner into your team environment. This platform allows Process Runner users to centrally store, publish, share, and collaborate on business processes – right from within Excel and Process Runner. This collaboration platform connects otherwise disconnected people, groups, and satellite offices and takes team productivity to the next level. Learn more about: Innowera Easy Workflow and EShare

Summary of Innowera Technology

Innowera’s enterprise grade data management suite brings all around productivity and agility while providing simplified data management, collaboration, publishing, reporting, governance and monitoring capabilities to all involved.

A typical deployment structure of Innowera’s Data Management Solution may look like following diagram. Please note that Innowera technology components are integrated but modular and optional. They can be deployed from day one or at a later stage as required.

Data Sheets:

Use Cases in SAP Modules: