Process Runner Run Only

Overview – Process Runner “Run Only”

Process Runner software can function as a “Designer” version or as a “Run Only” version.

Sensible Functionality

Process Runner “Run Only” offers functionality for end users to execute processes created by Process Runner Designer users.

  • With an appropriate mix of Designer and Run Only users, enterprises can create a controlled and functional environment for SAP automation.
  • Process Designer users create/implement scenarios, filters, checks, and validations in process files while Run Only users cannot compromise security as they are prevented from changing critical components of the process.
  • Run Only licenses are less expensive than Designer licenses. This brings down the overall solution cost and facilitates wider deployment.
  • With optional centralized E-Share implementation, sharing and collaboration with Designers and Run Only users is further improved.
  • The Run Only version does not install Excel Add-Ins, which will ensure the stability of Excel.

Run Only functionality can be easily upgraded to full Designer functionality by installing a simple license file without re-installing the whole application.

Run Only Version
Run Only

The Run Only user is a limited version of Process Runner which allows full running functionality but limited other functionality. New process creation is disabled in Run Only while changes to existing processes are restricted.

Run directly from Excel
Run directly
from Excel

Users can run SAP directly from Excel without having to use any other application. They can upload or download to and from SAP. Excel Add-in uses existing user SAP security and user credentials that users have in place. Simplify user adoption as they will work with SAP directly from Excel all the time. Use Transactions, Business APIs, Data Extractor technology of Process Runner.

Users can execute Test Run to validate the data, as well as having the ability to perform step-by-step debug in SAP for troubleshooting. One click error-processing to process all the errors in one batch. Process Runner installation is not required.

Check out Excel Add-in Video, More…

Simplified UI
Simplified UI

Run Only users can run, test run, process errors and perform debugs on existing process files. Run Only users cannot create a new process and have very limited capability to change existing process files.

Open existing Process File
Open existing
Process File

The Process Runner look is simplified and streamlined. Only the Run tool bar is visible as a starting point.

The User has full functionality to Run, Test Run, Process Errors and Debug. However, only the Excel File section is editable. Other sections are visible but cannot be changed.

Enterprise Apps Integration
Enterprise Apps

If your company had implemented the optional Innowera Enterprise Share (EShare), Run Only users can access the central EShare process file repository. EShare enables easy deployment, sharing and collaboration and helps your SAP automation team work together.