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Magnitude Process Runner Quickly Automates the Collection, Validation and Movement of SAP Data

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Leave error-prone and time/resource-intensive manual operations behind and stop relying on IT to manage data uploads and downloads. Magnitude Process Runner is the most advanced and intuitive Excel-Based SAP data management tool in the world. Period.
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  • Create, extract, transform SAP data using Excel
  • Validate and simulate data before uploading to SAP
  • Comply with all SAP Security, governance and compliance protocols
  • Leverage the industry’s largest T-code library – with over 1800+ Ready-To-Run Templates
  • Create powerful workflows with out-of-the-box simplicity

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I recently downloaded the evaluation version of the Process Runner and I am impressed how easy and smooth the program ran. I recorded a script in MM41 without even looking at any demos or documentation…

– Dimitar G., FI/CO certified SAP Consultant