Innowera against major competition

Innowera prides itself as an inventor and visionary in the SAP Data Management space (see list of our firsts). Our customers consider us as their partners, not just a software vendor and we work hard to earn and retain that status. Our technology is the heart of the partnerships with customers because it enables SAP for all users – covering from Excel, databases, SharePoint, web, and mobile. We surpass anything in the market today for business users in the SAP data management industry. If we were to summarize this in one sentence, it would be “better software at a better price.” Here is an expansion of that statement:
  Major Evaluation Criteria Innowera Competition Comments
Most Complete Solution - 4 SAP technology packaged as one software Most Complete Solution – Four SAP Technologies Packaged as One Software Yes None Innowera’s Data Management Solution offers a comprehensive set of tools designed for any business user. Four SAP technologies packaged as one competes against the limitations of standard transactions. Innowera’s Process Runner offers technologies such as BAPI/RFM, GUI Scripting, and Data Extraction and Query, in addition to powerful transaction automation. Innowera delivers an intuitive yet robust tool set able to handle any automation need. Process Runner is the only tool that combines four distinct SAP technologies into one software. No need to buy, install, manage, and upgrade disconnected pieces of the software when you use Process Runner. Visit Technology Overview page to learn more.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership Lower Total Cost of Ownership Yes Our price points are remarkably competitive. With concurrent/floating/sharable and other flexible licensing options, you can significantly reduce total cost of ownership and per user price.
Top SAP Support Level (5 being highest) Top SAP Support Level (5 being highest) 5 star rating No known rating above 2 Innowera’s technical team prides itself in its depth of SAP knowledge. With years of SAP experience, we bring unrivalled expertise. Process Runner includes built-in support tools, such as ‘Live Support’ to connect you directly with our support team, providing efficient resolution of issues.
Support for Upload and download directly into MS-SQL Database Support for Upload and Download Directly Into MS- SQL Database Yes Unavailable Innowera’s Process Runner DB allows you to easily manage data between SAP and major databases such as MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase and others. For more information please see Process Runner DB.
Line level validations with user exits, audit trail Line level Validations with User Exits, Audit Trail Yes No Ensuring data is accurate and acceptable to SAP system requirements before an update run can be a challenge, however Innowera makes it easy by using test run features that simulate data without updating, and returns all SAP messages encountered. Learn more.
Data Extraction in Same Tool Data Extraction in Same Tool Yes No Innowera allows larger single extract volumes of data through Process Runner that you would not be able to do using the T-code SE16N. Unlike our competition, who separates their tools with separate licensing, installation, support, etc., Innowera’s Process Runner incorporates all of our technologies in one tool, creating a comprehensive tool set ready to face any data management challenge. Innowera’s Data Extraction requires no change to your SAP system, where as our competition does require it.
Data Integrity and Centralized Pro-active Damage Control (including SAP server load control) Data Integrity and Centralized Pro-Active Damage Control (Including SAP Server Load Control) Yes No **Warning** this is a must for any organization planning to implement a data processing engine across their organizational landscape. The consequence for making mass processing errors is critical and pro-active damage control should be a high priority when evaluating such products. Innowera’s Control Panel offers added protection from mass processing mishaps. For more information on Innowera’s centralized pro-active damage control solution please see Control Panel.
Ready-to-run templates for rapid deployment Ready-to-Run Templates for Rapid Deployment Yes No Jump start implementation is always a key in software deployment. As part of Innowera’s Rapid Data Management offering, we include well over 1,000 ready-to-run templates to get your users up to speed in no time. It also serves as a road map for process automation. For more information check out RDM.
Run SAP transaction, BAPI Data Extraction/Query directly from Excel Run SAP Transaction, BAPI Data Extraction/Query Directly from Excel Yes Partial Users can run SAP directly from Excel without having to use any other application. They can also upload or download data to and from SAP, as well as simplify user adoption as they will work with SAP directly from Excel all the time. Learn More or see this short video. Process Runner is the only product that does not require a change your SAP back end for extracting data.
SharePoint integration for mass processing and record processing SharePoint Integration for Mass Processing and Record Processing Yes Partial Process Runner integrates natively with SharePoint for mass processing and for single record processing. There are no additional costs associated with SharePoint or SharePoint workflow integration when you use Process Runner for your mass processing needs, and no added software to install on your SAP Systems. Learn more.
Innowera Dashboard Innowera Dashboard Yes No Innowera Dashboard provides a centralized graphical and instantaneous overview of errors, exceptions, and successes from all users. Dashboard presents this information in one central location accessible from a web browser to better control and monitor mass data management across your enterprise. Learn more.
Collaboration and Sharing Engine Collaboration and Sharing Engine Yes No Innowera offers a simple collaboration and sharing engine called EShare, which provides a stateless workflow solution. EShare enables centralized, seamless sharing and collaboration on various process files that individual users have created. For more information please see EShare.
Extended Hours, and Global Support Extended Hours, and Global Support Yes Yes Innowera’s regional support centers provide support from multiple geographic locations, and a few of our support locations are even open over weekends. Some of our partners also provide first level support. Key resources are also enabled with mobile emails to get the notification of your requests. You will get timely support when you need it.
Use SAP from Mobile, Web and more places Use SAP from Mobile, Web and More Yes No Use Process Runner technology and extend to Mobile and Web. Allow your users to use SAP from an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, or simply a browser. If you need a simplified interface, you can use our Process Runner CMD tool to execute SAP from the command prompt. In addition, you can use Innowera’s SDK product to integrate powerful Process Runner technology with your application. Innowera’s technology will extend your SAP usability in ways that were not possible before. Integration Integration Yes No Innowera’s Salesforce SAP Integration enables SAP and Salesforce users to streamline one or two-way updates, increase data quality, and lower costs to maintain these updates between two critical customer data management houses. No additional tools are required except for Process Runner itself. Learn more.
Amazon Dash IoT button integration with SAP Amazon Dash IoT Button Integrated With SAP Yes No You can use Innowera tools to integrate the AWS IOT Dash button functionality with Innowera Process Runner, Easy Workflow and Innowera Web and Mobile Server (IWMS) tool. This automates the process of creating and updating data in the SAP system.
Dynamic F4 Lookup Dynamic F4 Lookup Yes Not Known Our Dynamic F4 Lookup feature allows end users to use SAP’s F4 help values natively in Excel. Users can now search help values and reduce data entry errors by picking the right values the first time. Learn more.
Automate PDF Data to SAP Automate PDF Data to SAP Yes Not Known Use Process Runner to load data from PDF to SAP and enable users to automatically extract the data from PDF files and upload it to SAP with the click of a button. Process Runner also contains built-in library functions for reading/writing to and from PDF files, and execution of the same PDF file can be prevented by automatically moving the used PDF files to a different folder – which also creates an audit trail for you to review whenever. Learn more about automating PDFs to and from SAP.
Robotic Process Automation for SAP Robotic Process Automation for SAP Yes Not Known Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite is designed to provide you with deeper automation for your repetitive and complex tasks for SAP and other Enterprise-related tasks. Our Suite allows you to combine “bots” with SAP processes to form a powerful and deep pre-built back office automation. You won’t need to know any SAP coding to get started, as our solution is fully compatible with SAP security out-of-the box. Learn more about Innowera’s RPA solution.
With Process Runner, there is no software to add to SAP. No Coding. You can start using it today. The world’s most functional SAP data management tool at your fingertips. Try Process Runner for 30-days risk-free and see the difference.
Note: Claims made regarding competition are not independently verified and provided for informational purpose only.