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The SAP Unicode conversion is different from an upgrade project or a support pack. The functionality of R/3 does not change at all, it is purely a technical upgrade that converts how the data is stored in the database. One of the challenges of non-Unicode to Unicode migration of SAP system is data quality check and validation after migration. This challenge is magnified if multiple code page (MDMP) system is being used.

This paper focuses on the core business aspects of Innowera's Process Runner and how it can be used to quickly and easily validate data migration processes. Process Runner provides flexible, enterprise grade SAP Data Management solutions to meet the needs of organization of any size.

With our proven technology, built-in best practices and expert support service, Innowera provides a best-in-class SAP data management system. Download and review this customer case study to learn how Data Extractor technology within Process Runner can help during Unicode migration of MDMP or Single code page system.

Process Runner Case Study - Unicode
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