Innowera Case Studies

See how Innowera technology has changed enterprises in SAP world. Also read our Customer Feedback page to learn the real story behind the technology and how this may relate to you.

  • New lean and agile methods and tools for S/4 HANA migration
  • Reengineering was a priority during this Germany company’s move to S/4HANA. See how this small team used Innowera’s Process Runner to make a smooth migration to S/4HANA and simultaneously found the tool to use for next 10 years.

    This global industrial leader discovered that this powerful tool could also re-engineer its master data in a few months, and will continue to meet their changing needs to become more agile with SAP master data for many years. See what Process Runner has already help them accomplish.

  • Renowned Office Products Manufacturer
  • This innovative, design-driven leader in the US office products market found with significant business and product line growth there was increased demand to business and IT data management to keep pace. In a short matter of time using Innowera’s Process Runner their data management teams were able to begin automating SAP data, not just keeping pace, but speeding up and accelerating time to market and increasing productivity of managing a highly configurable product line and electronic catalog. Read about the impressive metrics they were able to achieve. Accomplished all while leveraging the existing processes with business which were using Microsoft Excel.

  • Power Equipment Company revs up their business at the speed of business
  • How do you get more time for meaningful, strategic projects? This U.S. power equipment distribution company found ways to leverage Innowera Process Runner to improve on multiple KPIs, from data quality to time to market. Not to mention they had a full payback on the software in just six months.

    Power Equipment Company has been able to automate and speed up multiple business processes in their wholesale distribution business from accelerating orders, product updates and pricing management and more. This success story is inspirational and useful for any company running SAP ERP.

  • Leading Brewery
  • One of the critical resources for the Leading Brewery company is their data. Good quality data is critical to their functionality, which led them to their search for master data management and supporting tools. They chose Innowera Process Runner as their common tool for uploading data in day-to-day business.

  • City of Dallas
  • Read how the City of Dallas overcame a critical work stoppage, cut down on costs, and regained lost revenue by choosing Process Runner. Innowera technology helped City with 14,000 man-hours saved in 9 months with a ROI realized in just 2 months. Open the Case Study to find out how did City of Dallas put SAP Data Management on Steroid using Innowera technology.

  • Financial Services
  • A Leading Financial Services Company that is made up of a number of finance companies, that has grown organically, with companies with diverse technology platforms, uses Process Runner to speed implementation, and for long term data maintenance.

  • Telefònica – tgestiona
  • tgestiona, part of the Telefònica Group, is a leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and has strong international presence with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Perù, and Spain. tgestiona offers a wide range of support services including finance, administration, logistics, foreign trade, real estate management, general services, security, human resources and BPO consulting.

  • APO
  • Process Runner helps Axia Value Chain deploy rapid and reliable repeatable data for Samarco to guarantee feasible process execution.

  • Unicode
  • The SAP Unicode conversion is different from an upgrade project or a support pack. The functionality of R/3 does not change at all, it is purely a technical upgrade that converts how the data is stored in the database. One of the challenges of non-Unicode to Unicode migration of SAP system is data quality check and validation after migration.