Connect SAP to Salesforce

Innowera’s Salesforce SAP Integration enables SAP and Salesforce users to streamline one or two-way updates, increase data quality, lower costs to maintain these updates between two critical customer data management houses.

  • Process Runner can automate data migration capability from Salesforce to SAP and vice versa.
  • No additional tool is required except for Process Runner itself.
  • No development or implementation required in SAP or in Salesforce.
  • A simple and straightforward solution that consumes standard and native Salesforce APIs (SFDCs) and retrieves / pushes the data between Salesforce and SAP.
  • Automatically complies to security and authorization in SAP and in Salesforce.
  • Quickly make the updates you need or even schedule updates for further automation and integration.

Fully Integrated CRM/ERP is a dream for many and now is reality.

Make the Customer relationship and experience truly excellent by linking all customer related data (CRM) together with enterprise data (ERP).

SAP to Salesforce

Any Process Runner technology can be utilized to integrate data between Salesforce and SAP.

Use Cases: What does an SAP and a Salesforce integration potentially provide?

  • Keep contact information updated in the systems of record.
  • Maintain a 360 degree view of the Accounts in your operational system.
  • When a transaction hits your SAP system, and your customer facing teams will know it instantly and can respond to your customers with up to date information.
  • The customer support person working on an issue can inform the customer about order statuses, backlogs, customer activities, and other what we call “ready data” – data ready in time to make business impact.
  • Many more use cases…

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SAP and Salesforce Integration

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