Robotic Process Automation for SAP

Deeper Automation of Repetitive and Complex SAP and other Enterprise Tasks

An Integration Like Never Before

Our time-tested design tool combines Robotic Process Automation’s (RPA, or “bots”) use of Artificial Intelligence with SAP and other enterprise related tasks to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your tasks and processes – while lowering costs. SAP has a multitude of processes that are labor intensive and those types of processes are natural candidates for “bot” automation. Our tool sets allow you to use RPA within your normal SAP system, no additional SAP development is necessary.

Streamline and Simplify:

  • Supply Chain Process Automation
  • Financial Transaction Automation
  • Back-Office Automation
  • Customer Transaction Management
  • Workflow Automations
  • And More!

Watch Use Case Scenarios on How to Run SAP with RPA

RPA With Innowera's Process Runner Enterprise

Process Runner Tool, a part of the Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite, is a design tool constructed to perform complex processes, with unmatched capability.

RPA With Innowera's CMD Runtime Engine Tool

Innowera’s Process Runner Command Prompt Tool, a part of Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite, is designed to be a light-weight, runtime engine to automate the upload and download of SAP data.

Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite enables you to implement RPA strategies for SAP and other enterprise related platforms. Our Suite allows you to combine “bots” with SAP processes, forming a powerful and deep pre-built back office automation. “Bots”, with Innowera’s technology, empowers you to build, run, monitor, and execute SAP tasks for any SAP system in the world – as our technology works without changing or installing anything on yours or your customers’ SAP system. Use “bots” to fully automate SAP tcodes such as: F-28, F-26, VA01, MIGO, MIRO, and so much more!

Q&A on RPA with SAP

RPA and SAP Integration. How does it work?

RPA is used to streamline and simplify repetitive and routine SAP tasks. Based on the rules set up in RPA, the “bot” will log in to your SAP system and run rule-based processes, extract and scrape data, communicate with applications and devices, and execute. These “bots” create solutions for your SAP system, and automate hundreds of pre-built tools, for fast-to-build connections. Innowera’s technology allows you to build complex and effective “bots” without needing to install anything in SAP or needing any development or changes.

What repetitive SAP tasks can RPA solve?

SAP tasks that are rule-based, don’t require subjectivity, and done in volume. Essentially, if the “bot” is programmed to run the necessary tasks, almost all SAP tasks can be “bot” automated using Innowera’s technology.

How can an enterprise measure success of their RPA strategy for SAP?

  • Increased Productivity
    • Labor-intensive and repetitive SAP tasks are automated entirely by the command of a “bot” and Innowera’s products.
  • Improved Accuracy
    • Since “bots” don’t make mistakes, improvement in accuracy with SAP tasks is an expected KPI.
  • Efficiency
    • Since “bots” can access multiple sources instantaneously and make immediate decisions, time-consuming SAP processes will be dramatically more efficient.
  • Improved Customer Experience
    • With the automation of “bots” and Innowera’s technology, there is more time available to focus on taking care of customers.
  • Higher Level Compliance
    • Important information can be monitored faster and more accurately, and SAP reporting can also be automated with RPA.
  • Innowera’s technology captures detailed statistics and logs for executes performed by “bots” so you can measure, visualize and improve your overall RPA strategy.

How can SAP rule-based processes be transformed with RPA and how to integrate Machine Learning?

Typically, your SAP rule-based processes are initiated by a person who’s monitoring a change in data, (for example, requesting an email from a workflow notification, such as a new sales order), or monitoring when there is a scheduled task for them to initiate. When “bots” are designed with Innowera’s technology and are programmed to perform SAP tasks, the “bot” can monitor emails, execute SAP upload or download processes, interact with 3rd party applications, devices, data repositories, and provide needed analytics for continuous improvements and building machine learning datasets.

How can RPA advance the speed of our already fast tasks?

Repetitive and simple tasks, when you add them up, can be quite time-consuming. With “bots” and Innowera’s technology, you can take SAP automation to the next level. As we all know, “bots” don’t get tired, bored or sleep.

Why Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite for SAP?

Innowera is the native integration automation that RPA platform providers can take advantage of in their solutions. Innowera is agile, and ideally integrated to SAP and configured to the requirements of the organizations it serves. Integrated through SAP gateways and APIs, Innowera is the ideal solution to RPA platforms seeking easy interfaces to the data and business logic layers of processes across the SAP enterprise.

Advantages of Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite:

  • Ability to simplify complex processes with existing automation
  • Availability of interfaces, ready to go
  • Don’t need to know SAP coding, i.e. SAP Basis, to leverage the power of SAP
  • Ability to scale solutions with a compatible solution across the functional modules of SAP ERP
  • A solution that is fully compatible with SAP security out-of-the-box, and even offers added role-based security functionality
  • Change control and monitoring capabilities that users are used to that need to monitor processes run with RPA. It’s easy to adapt with Innowera process design toolkits
  • Delivers Higher Data Governance and Quality

Human vs. Bots

Discover how to accelerate your processes by comparing normal human processes to “bots”

Standard Processes By HumansStandard Processes By Humans

Standard Processes By Humans

Automated Processes By 'Bots' Automated Processes By “Bots”

Automated Processes By 'Bots'

Use Case: Sales Order Use Case: Sales Order

Use Case: Sales Order

Use Case: Invoice Processing Use Case: Invoice Processing

Use Case: Invoice Processing

Innowera Robotic Process Automation Suite for SAP

Designers – Ultimate SAP process design tool – works without coding anything in SAP

Process Runner: Our design tool is constructed to perform complex processes, with unmatched capability. Learn more

Execution/ Robots – Light weight execution engines with workflow capabilites

CMD: Our runtime engine tool is designed to be light weight. It’s agile, memory efficient, execution-driven, and the complete end-to-end RPA solution. CMD is ideal for running on a server or calling from a third party application- such as RPA “bots” – to execute various tasks in SAP. Learn more

Easy Workflow: Trigger workflow for an exception, approval or additional data collection using complete and comprehensive easy workflow system. Learn more

Email Runner: Allows you to use email with RPA to execute business processes by simply sending an email. Automate communication and experience complete automation when you program RPA’s “bots” with your SAP system. Learn more

Amazon Dash IoT with SAP: This button is programmable and provides users with the security of global infrastructure with the use of this multi-tasking button. Manage by the Cloud platform, this button connects devices easily and securely interacts with could applications and other devices. Learn more

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