Getting Started with Process Runner

Welcome and thank you for selecting Innowera Process Runner. This document will provide as a quick reference on following topics:

  1. Installing Process Runner
  2. If you already have Process Runner installed (working or expired), you may skip this section and request licenses as described in the 2nd section.

    1. Downloading Process Runner from the Innowera website

    2. If you already have Process Runner downloaded earlier, you can skip this step. We highly recommend that if you have an old download copy, you do a fresh download.

      1. Visit: download
      2. Provide your e-mail address and click “Download Now”. Please note a valid e-mail address is required.

    3. Installing Process Runner on a computer

    4. Follow the instruction from the download page. These instructions may tell you to do following:

      1. Download Innowera_Set_Up.exe file to your desktop.
      2. Run downloaded setup file and follow the wizard to finish the installation.


      1. You may use same downloaded setup program to perform installations on multiple computers. There is no need to download the setup program again.
      2. If you had previously installed Process Runner, setup will automatically upgrade the previously installed Process Runner to a new version. If you want to keep the old version of Process Runner, simply select a different installation directory and your old version of Process Runner will be kept as is.

    5. Starting Process Runner for first time
      1. At the end of the installation, it may automatically start Process Runner.
      2. Or you may find the Process Runner icon on your desktop to start the program.


      1. By default, Process Runner installs as a demo version and works in limited mode. Once you install a valid license file (see next chapter), it will function as full product as per your license.
      2. If you previously installed Process Runner and the license has expired, Process Runner may not start and may give you a license expiration screen. See the next chapter on how to obtain a valid license from Innowera.
      3. If you are installing Process Runner on a server or virtual system, it may not start. You will need a special license for this type of scenario. Process Runner will clearly indicate any such issues.

  3. Requesting and installing appropriate license

    1. Requesting a license
    2. (If you have requested floating licenses, skip to Section B – Installing license)

      Every customer should request a valid license from Innowera. Only then Process Runner will work as desired. If you do not have an appropriate license, Process Runner will stop working and will display a license expiration screen.

      Generally the license is tied to a computer’s unique Hardware ID and/or windows (network) user ID. This information should be captured and sent to Innowera from each computer that needs a license.

      Please follow these steps to capture HID and send a license request to Innowera.

      Method 1 a: Capture HID from Process Runner.

      1. Start Process Runner (if Process Runner is not installed, skip to the 2nd method below or install Process Runner first.)
      2. Go To Help->About and Click the “Copy” button in screen similar to the one below.

        Capture HID from Process Runner

      3. Click “Copy” again on the prompt. This will place all the required information to clipboard. This is similar to copying by pressing CTRL + C.
      4. Write an e-mail to and paste (CTRL + V) this information in the body of the e-mail.

      Method 1 b: Capturing Hardware ID without installing Process Runner.

      If you do not have Process Runner installed yet, you may download a small utility that will generate a Hardware ID for the computer. This will enable you to request a license without first installing Process Runner.

      1. Download and unzip HID utility: downloads/
      2. Run HID.exe. It will create HardwareID.txt file.
      3. E-mail HardwareID.txt to

      If you are requesting more than one license, you may send necessary information as provided in the sample table below instead of sending individual e-mails.

      Fill in details for all the Process Runner users that you are requesting licenses for (please exclude the example data when sending the request back to Innowera).

      Once completed, send this table to the Innowera representative you are working with.

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
      No Hardware ID (HID) Required Windows User ID Required User Name Windows Domain (to which user logs on to) License Type Requested Module(s) TX = Transaction
      BA = BAPI
      GS = GUI Scripting
      DE = Data Extraction
      ALL = All of above
      Special Instructions
      1 4BCE-8D45-
      SmithA Smith Arthur Designer TX RFM
      2 8D45-4BCE-
      JohnA John Apple Run Only TX Server
      3 05A1-2C68-
      JackB Jack Baskin Run Only ALL
      4 7BBF-05A1-
      TylerK Tyler Khol Designer ALL Virtual PC
      5 2C68-7BBF-
      SmithaJ Smitha Lal Designer TX + BA


      1. Column 2: Hardware ID as per method 1a or 1b above from each of the computers where you intend to run Process Runner. Hardware ID must be provided.
      2. Column 3: User ID must be provided for each user you are requesting licensing. Please note that the Windows user ID that is used to login to the computer is requested. SAP User ID is NOT required.
      3. Column 4: User Name should be provided. This will be displayed each time a user start the application. If User Name is not provided, User ID will be used instead.
      4. Column 5: If the user does not log in to a domain, leave it blank. If the user logs in to multiple domains, please provide all those domain names.
      5. Column 6: If you do not know this or if all of your licenses are of the same type, leave this blank. Please note if you have ordered Designer and Run Only licenses at the same time, you must specify which user gets which type of license. Lack of this information will delay license issuance. If you have requested only one type of license, you may leave this column blank.
      6. Column 7: If you have ordered more than one type of module mix, you must indicate which user gets which module(s). Lack of this information will delay license issuance. If you had requested only one type of module, you may leave this column blank.
      7. Column 8: If you have any special requests, instructions, comments, please put them in this column. Please note that some of them may require special license arrangements.