Process Runner Gui Scripting

Upload Data to SAP With Gui Scripting Technology

Process Runner GS is a new generation SAP automation tool using GUI Scripting Technology. Primary function of Process Runner GS is to upload data to SAP. This option works best with Enjoy and transactions with ALV grids and other newer controls. More features are listed below.
Multiple Transaction Recording Multiple Transaction Recording
Process Runner GS supports multiple transaction recording in one single recording.
Record Difficult Transactions Record Difficult Transactions
With Process Runner GS you can record transactions through GUI Script which are otherwise not possible with regular (RFC based) Transaction record, map and run method.
SAP Sessions SAP Sessions
Process Runner GS displays your active SAP Session List & lets you choose the relevant session in which you want to Run your script.
Mapper Mapper
With the advance Mapper features of Process Runner GS, it’s very easy for users to execute GUI Scripts.
iBook/Excel iBook/Excel
Process Runner GS has an inbuilt iBook which can be used just like any excel file. Add to this easy Drag n Drop feature between your iBook/External Excel File and Mapper. With just a few clicks you are ready to execute your GUI Script.
No Special RFC Authorization No Special RFC Authorization
No special RFC authorization is required but your SAP system must be ready for recording or playing GUI Scripts.
Certified Solution Certified Solution
Process Runner GS is an SAP Certified Interface and SAP Solution Manager Ready interface.