Process Runner Feature

Ribbon Changes

  • Main feature of process runner is to add ribbon to change UI which makes users feel more in control of their experience with the program.

    • An Application button, which contains top downloaded cloud samples, start record new process file, recent process files list, file properties, open and save process file.

    • A Quick Access Toolbar, which contains frequently used commands like Record new process file, save, close and run process file.

  • We cover all the important setting for process runner and process file in ribbon so no need to find that setting form the different tabs.

    • Process Runner related settings

    • Ribbon control contain process runner settings like show stat and log, SAP short cut, live support, step by step tutorial etc…

    • Process File related settings

    • Ribbon control contain process file related settings like logon and performance, run process file, control parameters, excel controls, start and delays etc. which contain only main feature.

      Dialog box launchers, which are buttons at the bottom of some groups that open dialog boxes containing all features which is not cover in main group.

Spreadsheet control implement in mapper tab

  • Implement spread sheet control in mapper tab which work fast to load data from excel file.

  • Without install office package we can record process file and open it. But can’t run that file.

Direct create new file after recording finish

  • Create new process file after recording finish and save that process file manually, before run or before close that file.

  • Ask file name during actual save process file.

Need ability to open someone else’s Stat/Log file

  • Currently we are renaming our log1/stat1 and then copying customer’s file there and view from them so we give facility to open someone else’s stat/Log file from any path.

Implementation of Innowera Assistant for Process runner

  • Innowera assistant is application which is used to fast upload stat and log data on dashboard when configure dashboard settings from options.

Change UI of cloud form and display top downloaded file

  • Change UI of cloud form which is also display when click on application button from ribbon.

  • Display top download cloud file in tile so you can also download file from there

Add syntax editor

  • Add syntax editor in dynamic skip, dynamic formula, pre/post script which provide intellisense during write script in VB.NET.

Store Stat/Log data in access database

  • Store stat and log data in access database in which proper track of executing of each file.

Add screen name in GUI script