Process Runner Enterprise FAQs

Process Runner Enterprise FAQs

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Innowera Process Runner Enterprise is the most recent version of Process Runner software and is made available on January 18, 2017. Previous version was ‘Process Runner 2008‘.


Primary function of Process Runner Enterprise is used to transfer i.e. upload and download data between Excel and SAP without any ABAP programming or coding. It can run any SAP transaction, Business API (BAPI), Remote Function Module (RFM) or Data Extractor (DE). Please refer to product page for more detailed explanation and videos.

Yes. older process files will work without any issue. You simply open and start using your existing process files. However, it is strongly recommended to keep a backup of your current process files before you start using them.

No. System or hardware upgrade is normally not required; however, you may refer to the System Requirements

Please refer to this System Requirements documents.

Click here to download Process Runner Enterprise.

7.    What is cost of upgrading to Process Runner Enterprise?

If you are current in your Support Maintenance Agreement (SMA) with Innowera, you are eligible for free upgrade. You may also write to to find out status of your account or ask your manager.

Yes, Roll back to previous version is possible but not recommended.

Support for current version of Process Runner 2008 is ending soon. Please refer to various dates published on this page down below. We recommend that you upgrade to Process Runner Enterprise as soon as possible and not later than January 31, 2018.

Yes. It is possible to install Process Runner 2008 and Process Runner Enterprise on the same machine. However, we do not recommend doing that other than for testing purpose.

Yes, if your current license is actively covered in maintenance support agreement (SMA).

We strongly suggest that all users start using new Process Runner Enterprise version as soon as possible and take advantage of all new features and enhancements. However, it may not be possible for all the customers/user to do so. We are providing various dates to guide our customers on what to expect and when. Last date of support is almost 1 year out and is set at 31st January 2018. All users must move to new Process Runner Enterprise version by this date.

Process Runner 2008 Version – End of Life Support Dates

Last Date for Download from Innowera Web Site

March 31, 2017

End of limited updates for defects and enhancements*

May 31, 2017

End of security updates (if any)

Dec 31, 2017

End of Product Life Cycle and Support (All users must move to Process Runner Enterprise version by this date)

January 31, 2018


*If customer wants new updates or feature which are available only in Process Runner Enterprise, Innowera support may ask customer to upgrade to Process Runner Enterprise.

Visit the main FAQ page; for more queries, or contact Support Center for technical question and for commercial question.

We do NOT recommend using older version anymore as this older version has end of life announced. Please see Table in #12 above for more details. However, you may still download older version of Process Runner for some time by following these steps:

                    (i)        Click here and fill this form.


                  (ii)        Confirm the details at the next screen by clicking on ‘Confirm and Continue’.




                 (iii)        A download link will be sent to your email. Please check Inbox or Spam folders of Mailbox and click on Download Link.



                 (iv)        Scroll down and click on one of the links to download older version of Process Runner.