Process Runner Command Prompt

Run SAP from Command Line!

Think SAP is difficult? How would you like to simplify by running a complex process in SAP from a command prompt? Process Runner Command Prompt (Process Runner CMD) tool makes working with SAP insanely easy. But don’t be fooled by simplicity, it is feature packed for the most demanding SAP task you have.

Process Runner CMD tool allows you to run SAP processes (i.e. SAP Transactions, Business APIs, Data Extraction requests from various SAP tables and views) from a command prompt or vb/java script. Process Runner CMD tool is built with Innowera Software Development Kit (SDK) and does not need the full version of Process Runner or Excel installed on the computer where you want to use it. Process Runner CMD is ideal for running on a server or calling from a third party application to execute various tasks in SAP.

Run SAP from Command Line
Light-Weight Runtime Engine – Innowera’s Command Prompt Tool

Light-Weight Runtime Engine – Innowera’s Command Prompt Tool

In this video, we demonstrate Innowera’s Process Runner Command Prompt Tool, which is designed to be a light-weight runtime engine to upload/download SAP data.


  • Run SAP from a command prompt!

  • Execute SAP processes from vb/java script

  • Enables secured authentication and automatically complies with SAP security

  • Build and design your SAP processes with Innowera Process Runner

  • Pass run time parameters, including data with a text or Excel file

  • Can run with or without Excel installed

  • Can be executed by a service account

  • Provides detailed runtime logs including SAP messages in text files

  • Call from any application that can execute Shell commands

Use cases:

  • Create a sales order, purchase order, material or execute any of the transactions you are authorized to run

  • Extract customer table based on certain filter criteria

  • Trigger a report download with selection criteria provided by a calling program

  • Schedule a windows task/job to run Process Runner CMD periodically (i.e. every hour)

  • Execute SAP tasks as a Shell call from your application

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