Process Runner Pricing Information

Step 1: Select Process Runner Technology Modules

Process Runner has 4 Technology Modules. You can license one or all or any combination of them. Price depends on how many Technology Modules you select.

Transaction (TX)

Allows you to upload and download data to and from thousands of SAP Transactions. This is the most popular module.


Allows you to upload and download data using SAP BAPIs and Remote Function Modules (RFM/RFC). These are the programs designed and developed by SAP for system-to-system interface.

GUI Scripting (GS)

Allows you to upload and download data using SAP transaction using GUI Scripting technology. This is useful for Enjoy and other transactions where you may have to interact with ALV Grid, Tree view and other such advanced controls.

Data Extractor (DE)

Allows you to extract data from thousands of SAP tables and table joins (views). DE provides convenient method to quickly extract data for ad-hoc and reporting needs. Does not need SE16/17 access but user must have table level security assigned to them. Additionally, with Innowera provided enhancements, DE can be a good replacement for SE16/17 access.

Learn more about these modules and other features of Process Runner.

Step 2: Select Process Runner Versions (Designer/Run Only)

Decide what type of version do you require?

admin config


Designer = Super User View -> Design Focused UI

  • Extended user interface for design, test, debug, run
  • Ability to create, change, copy, duplicate and extend existing process or use cloud sample store
  • Ability to implement checks, passwords, rights, notifications, pre-post processing, etc.
Run only

Run Only

Run Only = End User View -> Data/Task Focused Simplified User Interface

  • User cannot create new process (script) or cannot change existing process. Can consume script created by another Designer.
  • Same advanced processing functionality without worrying about how it works, screens, mapping etc.
  • Can use his/her existing excel file (if allowed by Designer)
  • Less expensive licensing

Usually process expert performs “Designer” role and create the Process file. Other users can use this Process file and execute the process created by the “Designer”. Those users who are not going to create a new Process or change Process created by others, they can use “Run Only” version/license of Process Runner.

To learn more about Designer and Run Only users, Click here to learn more

Step 3: Select Type of Licenses

Decide what type of license do you require?

  • Perpetual/Seat – per user/computer, onetime fee (see table below for the basic pricing options)
  • Perpetual/Floating – shared among users, onetime fee (fill out form at the end this page to request floating quote)
  • Subscription/Seat – One year subscription per user

Perpetual/Seat Process Runner Prices (per user)

Number of technologies Designer Run Only
Any 1 technology € 4091 € 2273
Any 2 technologies € 5000 € 2727
All 4 technologies € 5909 € 3636
Includes Process Runner Excel Add-In in above prices. If you do not want Excel Add-In, it will reduce price by € 455


  • Prices in Euro ( Prices in U$ are available ) and are subject to change. Additional terms and conditions apply. Please request the quote for details.
  • Yearly maintenance support is 20% and is required for 1st year and optional for other. Includes product updates, live and email support, access to on-line help, video and training resources as well as access to hundreds of ready to run cloud samples.
  • Many other license types are available such as concurrent or floating, Scenario based, etc. are also available, please see “Request Detail quotation for my enterprise” section below.
  • Volume discount is usually offered for 10 or more licenses.


  • Seat License for 1 technology: 1 Designer and 2 Run Only users for Transaction technology (without Excel Add-In) will cost € 7273 + 20% maintenance = € 8727 for 3 users.
  • Seat License for 2 technologies: 1 Designer and 2 Run Only users for Transaction + Data Extractor technologies (without Excel Add-In) will cost € 9091 + 20% maintenance = € 10909 for 3 users.

Annual Subscription Process Runner Prices

Subscription price range from € 1,818 – € 2,727 per year (depending on number of modules).

This option is useful for a short duration project. For a more detail please contact Sales

Request Detail quotation for my enterprise

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