Innowera Dashboard Performance Improvement

Guide to Improve Performance of Innowera Dashboard

We have found some performance issue with Innowera Dashboard and request you to do the following steps to improve it.

Symptoms: Uploading of records on Innowera Dashboard database becomes slow gradually.

Reason: Some old records in temp tables are not getting deleted.


Make sure to take Innowera Dashboard database backup before you perform the following steps.

1. Following two queries need to be executed on Innowera Dashboard database from time to time on database server to remove unwanted records:




2. We have prepared a small VBScript file that can do the task. You can download the file from here. Please follow below mentioned steps before you use that file.

1. Please download file into your local disk.

2. Rename file to ‘CleanDB.VBS’.

3. Open CleanDB.VBS file and modify the connection information in the first statement.

Const DB_CONNECT_STRING = “Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=<DBSERVERNAME>;Initial Catalog=<DBNAME>;user id='<DBUSERNAME>’;password='<DbUserPwd>'”

4. Save the file. (Make sure to keep extension as “VBS” only)

5. Double click the file to execute it.

You can put that edited file in Windows Task Scheduler and Windows can execute it automatically for you.