Automate PDF Data to SAP

Loading data from PDF to SAP enables users to automatically extract the data from PDF files and upload it to SAP with the click of a button (or schedule to run on its own as Robotic Process Automation – RPA).

  • Process Runner automates PDF data to SAP by extracting data from any PDF file into Excel and executing any SAP automation technology such as Transaction, BAPI/RFM, etc.
  • Process Runner contains built-in library functions for reading/writing to and from PDF files.*
  • No additional tool is required except for Process Runner itself.
  • Header and item level information are separated and mapped into Excel columns.
  • Information can be written back to the original PDF file to provide useful status messaging.
  • Execution of the same PDF file can be prevented by automatically moving the used PDF files to a different folder creating an audit trail.

*Vector PDF’s are read natively, while third-party OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is required to read scanned PDF’s.

Integrate your document and data world through the power of automation.

Let automation take over your data entry from PDF’s to SAP freeing company time and resources.


Empower your teams with one-click uploading for these processes:

  • Create purchase orders
  • Create sales orders
  • Create rebate agreements
  • Update G/L accounts
  • Update vendor master
  • Post accounting documents
  • And thousands more…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a way to use software automation to streamline and simplify repetitive, routine work. Learn more on how to incorporate RPA with SAP to automate your repetitive tasks and post directly to SAP.

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