Process Runner – PA30 – Download and Upload Basic Pay 0008

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PA30 – Download and Upload Basic Pay 0008 is a quick video demonstrating Process Runner Excel Add-in in action, automating the upload of modified data into SAP from an Excel Spreadsheet. Utilizing Process Runner’s Data Extraction and Transaction technologies, employees’ annual salary data is extracted from the PA0008 table, downloaded to an Excel Spreadsheet, the data is then modified by the End User, who adjusts the salary, utilizing a calculation formula in the Excel Spreadsheet, and finally the new salary is submitted to SAP running the transaction code PA30. All of this is done right from an Excel Spreadsheet, with the End User not being required to navigate SAP. At the end of the video, the instructor demonstrates Process Runner Excel Add-in’s hyperlink feature, which allows the End User to easily access SAP and verify the changes which were made in the data.