Sky is the limit

for Oil and Gas SAP Operations with Automation

What does change look like and why do we do it? For every person and organization, and even every industry change looks different for us. For most organizations it’s dictated by competition and compelled by internal culture. For oil and gas competition fuels everything, and the constancy of change is embedded in most of the industry as a monthly commandment.

The Oil and Gas industry is changing rapidly today, maybe even more than ever. Oil and gas producers are always looking for ways to improve production and, by extension, cost efficiency. And, as competition in this maverick industry is fierce, so are the demands for innovation, and operational agility.

Companies who succeed in these constantly changing cycles, and managing businesses through those changes are agile, adaptive companies.

Recently, we’re seeing strong revenue growth in chemicals, natural gas continues to expand its markets, and gas prices have recovered a lot of ground in the past couple of years. There is also a growing challenge with knowledge transfer and retention from old age retiring workers in the oil and gas sector. To compete with rapidly changing operational and financial conditions, the industry is always pursuing automation and process improvements.

Within the industry there are a number of processes that are highly time consuming and complex for employees to manage.

Sometimes there are lengthy procedures for areas to manage compliance and the excessive paperwork that is required. In some cases, there are processes in the industry that require enormous data entry and approvals. The complexity of some of these procedures and processes, make long processes even lengthier, and amplifies the opportunities for human error and incorrect data.

Our Customers Are Making It Happen

Innowera Process Runner is our answer for SAP data automation for every user. Process Runner has enabled over a dozen of the largest oil and gas companies in the world to achieve greater productivity, data quality, and accuracy with SAP processes and data.

We thought we’d share how some oil and gas companies are finding ways to automate their business including some areas our O&G customers using Innowera Process Runner are finding efficiencies and gaining agility in their business.

Plant Maintenance data automation

While some oil and gas industry leaders are looking at ways to invest in IoT and big data, at the same time, they are also seeking more effective ways to manage asset master data during capital projects and shutdowns.

By automating and improving data in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) from lists, to records for spare parts in Material Management (MM) they are able to improve and speed up plant and field-based maintenance operations.

This allows them to become very agile and up to date.

Maintenance records are often collected in spreadsheets in the field and with Process Runner those records can be updating in mass using Excel and the built-in automation and data governance.

Master Data Management mass updates and changes

One area that SAP customers use Process Runner is converting master and transactional data from other third-party systems into SAP using Excel and Process Runner.

A customer reduced the number of touch points on some large master data management processes from an average of 156 days to just 45 by eliminating the need for direct IT participation.

In the fields and in the plants the number of materials, spare parts, and just in time stock-keeping units (skus) that are introduced and changed each day is mind boggling. The more streamlined and automated this process can be the smoother and more reliable the data entry is to manage.

Using Process Runner with MM01, MM02 and other SAP tcodes any user can create and update these records in thousands in minutes, saving days of manually of entry.

Imagine how this could help your business?

Financial Closing Made Easier

SAP FICO is an area with great opportunity to optimize and automate processes. From posting FI documents using transactions to posting invoices and GL entries – our oil and gas customers are readily using a number of our automated tcodes to do mass uploads and updates with one-click automation.

In addition, we see a lot of our customers use Innowera Process Runner for fixed assets creation and maintenance (AS01, AS02, ABUMN). There is a lot here to help improve data quality while enhancing productivity for these transaction heavy processes in the industry.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) help for SAP is here.

Today, oil and gas companies are looking to the promise of robotic process automation to reduce the manual task burdens of their organizations.

Innowera’s Robotic Process Automation Suite enables customers to implement RPA strategies for SAP and other enterprise related platforms. Our Suite allows you to combine “bots” with SAP processes, forming a powerful and deep pre-built back office automation.

RPA Ideas for oil and gas include:

  • Data reconciliation between two systems.
  • Automatically pulling data from well ops and sending it to appropriate parties.
  • Joint Venture accounting – automating high volumes of account adjustments.

Reduce Need for SAP Training by letting users work in Excel with Automation

One of the issues that many oil and gas companies face is the challenge of training teams on SAP. Whether training options for teams are geographically sparse in certain regions where third-party training is not available, or internal teams are spread out, this is a common challenge in the industry. Often just in time training is what’s needed, but it’s just not easy, and in those cases, lack of training can be road blocks to getting things done.

Process Runner is one of those tools that bridges the knowledge gap.

SAP is a tremendous opportunity for an organization, but it also involves tremendous change management. Managing that change, not being consumed by it, is one of the keys to a successful implementation. Your hand-picked business users, the best of the best, are often very knowledgeable about the business and SAP but replicating them to teams to help with the heavy lifting, manual transactions and data entry can be a challenge.

Innowera Process Runner allows users to work in Excel and avoid becoming an expert in the SAP interface and nuances. For many of our customers Process Runner allows them to distribute work very easily with pre-built automation and data governance built into the transaction scripts stored in Excel.

It’s the results that matter!

Our customers in Oil and Gas have tremendous results making their business more efficient. Truly, the sky is the limit to what you can do to automate your business with Process Runner!

For instance, one customer used Process Runner to load over 6 million records across more than 100 different SAP transaction codes just in 1 project. This same customer reduced their implementation time from 3 months to just 3 to 5 days!

Consignment billing made simpler

Another O&G customer had success streamlining the consignment billing business process. This large, global oil producer received reports from their largest consignment customers each month detailing their monthly consumption. These reports consisted of several hundred unique ship-to/product combinations which must be entered as orders (VA01), allocated and goods issued (VL02n), and finally invoiced (VF01).

Using some basic automated data processing to translate the customer reports into a dataset that can be used by Process Runner, they were able to take a monthly process that took 6-8 hours to complete down to roughly 30 minutes, and drastically reduced the potential for typographical and other data transposition errors in the process.

These recipes are not just to save time or costs but for companies to become more agile and more competitive in the changing oil and gas workplace with business process automation.

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We have created an infographic of 4 types of business process automation that Innowera brings to the oil and gas and other industries we support every day to simplify and automate business processes and data management.

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