Year of magnificent growth – 2009

2009 was a year to forget for most businesses, but not for Innowera. Innowera registered triple digit growth rate with close to 50 new customers, making it the fastest growing company in its segment. In its 2nd year of existence, Innowera’s Process Runner – Excel SAP integration software was very well received and established itself as a high-quality product with sensibly priced platinum-class support. Innowera’s customers are overwhelmed by benefit that Process Runner had provided and have shared many testimonials on their successes.

For Innowera, 2009 was a milestone year, as it listed some of the most powerful Global Fortune 500 companies as its customers. We validated the strategy of combining various technologies in one software and making Process Runner the ultimate automation application for SAP user base to insanely simplify data management. “The biggest challenge for Innowera is not the technology nor the competition but how not to overwhelm the users.” says founder Mickey Shah. “We believe that we have crafted a nice swiss knife for SAP in a form of Process Runner; which allows its users to access the right tool at the right time without learning or installing other software.”

Process Runner is the next generation productivity and complimentary tool to traditional SAP GUI, a must for every SAP users who manages data in and out of SAP. Process Runner does not need anything installed in SAP landscape. As a windows desktop application, Process Runner simplifies data management using Excel as a data store and works out of the box. Most users find rapid ROI ranging from less than a week to a quarter.

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