Process Runner 2008 An Enterprise-class Automation software

Innowera, an SAP ERP system data enabling company, has released Process Runner™ software to the general market targeting companies who are using the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system and have a need for efficient and effective data population or management from legacy or desktop systems.

Process Runner is an enterprise grade, next generation SAP data upload, download and migration tool that works through an incredibly easy to use point-click and drag-drop interface, without the need for custom scripting or programming.

Process Runner uses either SAP Transactions, BAPIs, or the GUI scripting method to manage data between SAP and Microsoft Excel. The only software that supports these three major data transfer methods from same interface, Process Runner allows for flexibility and the technical means to get the job done. With powerful options to transfer data between Excel and SAP, Process Runner covers up to 3 times more objects and processes in SAP as compared to any other similar products on the market.

Process Runner also offers Enterprise Sharing, built in auto parallel processing, integration with the Excel Workbook, and an easy to use one-click scheduling feature. Demo and pre-sales support is available to ensure a thorough understanding of Process Runner offering and a risk free path to successful implementation.

Process Runner will benefit any company that uses SAP release 4.6 or greater and Excel 2000 or greater. Depending on the maturity of your installation and the amount of data maintenance required, the Return on Investment of the software could be as little as days and will likely be less than 1 year.

Process Runner deployment will reduce the burden of maintaining expensive ABAP and other technical resources, it will greatly improve on the cycle time from the discovery of a data related issue to final resolution, and it will boost technical abilities that will allow overall cleanliness of the SAP system data. Process Runner could help reduce scheduling risk by enabling efficient turn around for master and transactional data related issues during various implementation phases.

To request a free evaluation copy of Process Runner, visit Download Page or contact our sales support line at (877) 791-3414

About Innowera LLC

Innowera was founded by an ERP industry expert with over 20 years of IT experience providing comprehensive expertises in SAP implementations since last 10 years to companies such as Applied Materials, International Paper, Rockwell Collins, Tesoro Petroleum, TetraPak, and others. Innowera was founded in 2007 and is located in Las Colinas, Texas.