Innowera’s Process Runner Now Available in Portuguese – world’s sixth most popular language

Now Process Runner available to over 1.5 billion in their native or secondary languages.

Innowera’s Process Runner Now Available in Portuguese

Innowera is rolling out Process Runner with Portuguese language support, and our Portuguese customers would say it is “bread to bread and cheese to cheese,” (Pão, pão, queijo, queijo.v) – so simple to start.

Our hard-working products team has recently released a Portuguese version of our award-winning software, Process Runner, for SAP data management. With this language addition, Process Runner is now available to over 1.5 billion people in their native or secondary languages.

To start using Process Runner in Portuguese today, here is how to change Process Runner’s default language to Portuguese from English or Spanish or other language you have set today.

Login to your Process Runner account and click the Language icon located at the right top corner of Process Runner’s console. File>Language>Portuguese (Brazil)

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The language of the application will change to Portuguese.

After setting your language preference, the next time you login you’ll be ready to work in Process Runner in Portuguese as long as your setting remains.

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“Process Runner is internationally known and in use, and our Portuguese-speaking user base was growing steadily. Therefore, it was opportunity to address the needs of our Brazilian, Portugal, and other Portuguese speaking customers,” says Sanjiv Shah, Director of Operations & Delivery at Innowera LLC.

“We’re excited to increase the customer experience for our Portuguese speaking users”

-Sanjiv Shah
Director of Operations & Delivery, Innowera LLC.

Innowera just earlier this year released an enhanced user experience with a new version of Process Runner, called Process Runner Enterprise.

Process Runner Enterprise is another example to Innowera’s dedication to delivering an outstanding customer experience for all our users.

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