Process Runner & Identity Management APIs

As part of the SAP identity management model, SAP provides set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used by identity and access management (IAM) to manage SAP users and role assignments within their systems. The APIs exist for both ABAP and Java systems. The ABAP APIs are provided as Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). The Java APIs are provided with the user management engine (UME) interfaces.

Identity Management Implementation in Process Runner : Process Runner provides many ready to use SAP Identity Management BAPI samples. Here are list of some of these BAPIs which are available as implemented with sample data in Process Runner:

  • BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ROLES_ASSIGN – Use this BAPI to assign roles.
  • BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ROLES_DELETE – Use this BAPI to delete all role assignments.
  • BAPI_USER_CREATE1 – Use this BAPI to create users in the ABAP system.
  • BAPI_USER_DELETE – Use this BAPI to delete users.
  • BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL – Use this BAPI to obtain information about a user, which includes the user’s role assignments.
  • BAPI_USER_LOCK – Use this BAPI to lock users.
  • BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN – Use this BAPI to assign profiles to users.
  • BAPI_USER_PROFILES_DELETE – Use this BAPI to delete all profile assignments.
  • BAPI_USER_UNLOCK – Use this BAPI to unlock users.

With these examples, Process Runner also demonstrates how security team can efficiently manage users, roles and profiles without being dependent on Transaction, which could be difficult to record and playback, may not work same way across the various SAP systems and tends to run slower then APIs.

Download your free evaluation of Process Runner today and find out how to use these Business APIs from Excel without any scripting or coding.

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