Innowera Introduces Live Support

Innowera Live Support

Innowera has introduced Live Support, a step further in helping our valued customers to resolve their issues quickly.

Why Innowera Live Support ?

Live Support enables reservationless, ad-hoc, on demand, installation-less, direct screen and voice integration on one-to-one or one-to-many basis. This translates in immediate and effective support that goes to the bottom of the issues quickly.

When users need assistance fast, they can connect with a skilled engineer who is ready to spring into action and get things done beyond what e-mails and phone calls could explain.

Live Support also shows Innowera’s commitment to integrate and invest in the best of the technology for the benefit of our valued customer.

If a picture is worth thousand words in this Googlera we can extend that proverb and say Live Support is worth tens of e-mails.