Innowera Easy Workflow Enters its Second Year with More New Features

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November 23, 2016 – Irving, Texas, USA.

Innowera announces that one of its industry leading products, Innowera Easy Workflow has released new features to market.

Innowera has revolutionized the way SAP users manage data. Even its name – Innowera – is based on a portmanteau, a merging of two words, in this case the words “Innovative” and “Software”, similar to words like brunch or shopaholic.

Innowera’s visionary approach is changing the way teams manage data, and started with Mickey Shah’s vision to create his second company focused on simplifying SAP data management. Innowera’s flagship product, Process Runner, continues to grow quickly in its markets by allowing any SAP user to do mass uploading and downloading data from SAP using Excel. Since 2008, Innowera has launched 12 new products and is now in over 50 countries.

Innowera’s growth has allowed it to develop the latest technologies for business productivity including its Easy Workflow. This latest development from Innowera is revolutionizing workflow automation by allowing every user access to managing workflow and to put data together all within Excel.

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Easy Workflow – The smartest and most flexible workflow system for SAP

With everything in Excel, Innowera Easy Workflow is designed for a fast and easy user experience; while significantly reducing costs and efforts in implementation and operation of the workflow system.

Innowera is always looking at ways to break down the barriers of usability, to create new ways to simplify work for the average users that are looking for ways to manage their own data without interruption. With Easy Workflow business users can manage data, create processes, monitor workflows. It’s also possible to log and track approvals in Excel. Everything someone needs to carry an entire process and data is fully managed in Excel.

Coupled with Innowera Process Runner, Innowera’s Easy Workflow allows users to manage it all in Excel, even do the final upload after data is approved.

New Features in Easy Workflow

As Easy Workflow enters its second year in the market, Innowera has announced more new features for its revolutionary product:

Design Forms in Server-based Excel

Whether a request is made for a single customer creation or extend tens of materials to hundreds of plants or to post a 5000-line journal entry document, forms can be designed directly in Excel. No need to wait for technical resources to create forms. . With basic Excel knowledge users can develop their own form templates.

New Pre-Post Process feature

For business scenarios that are complex Innowera has found a solution to simplify adapting in workflow. It’s now possible to add conditions before and after workflow steps with this flexible feature. The average user can now make these changes with ease.

Reporting with SLA’s

Now view progress on tasks, including SLA’s, with Gantt charts which provide a start/finish date and milestones summary of workflows in a visual presentation.

Table-Driven Routing

Table-driven Routing for workflow and dynamic changes is now available for user/group determination. Easy Workflow uses the table to determine workflow routes and steps. Big changes are made easy. For example, users can have a table for plant and user groups and based on the values in this table, workflows will be routed. Change or add a value to this plant/user group assignment table and the workflow will dynamically change. Somebody leaving the organization? Not a problem! Just change the user name in custom table. No need to change the entire workflow definition.

“We are proud of the success our customers have achieved with our products. Our products have been built with their inspiration along with the excellent team that we have in place today,” added Mickey Shah. “We look forward to continuing to add new functionality to these products in the future.”

Highlights of Some of Innowera’s Most Important Innovations in its History

Among Innowera’s other products rolled out in recent years include:

  • Email Runner was released a couple of years ago to enable SAP users to simply send an email to perform tasks in SAP, without the need of a browser or an app. It allows SAP users to take an action on an assigned SAP task without being connected to their corporate intranet.
  • SAP SharePoint Integration was a product designed by Innowera that finally brought the two critical organizational data pillars together, adding tremendous value to operational processes.
  • With its sister product to Process Runner, Process Runner DB, Innowera has connected SAP to other database tools with interfaces for the average user, like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 to name just a few.
  • Innowera brought SAP mobility to the market in 2012 publishing its InnoweraApp on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Innowera’s Web and Mobility Server powers the InnoweraApp providing fastest way to take SAP processes on the tablet and mobile devices. It was the first data-centric generic SAP mobile application allowing the use of SAP with the most popular mobile devices without needing additional infrastructure or writing extensive code.

About Innowera

Innowera, is a leading global software provider that empowers business users with agile data management productivity tools to make SAP easier at all levels of business – driving time efficiencies with automation and lowering costs.

As an SAP partner with a highly ranked support organization, Innowera is focused on innovation with SAP and a trusted advisor in the design, implementation and support of our clients’ solutions. With offices in North America and Europe, and a worldwide partner network Innowera can deliver customer success around the globe.

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