Innowera to Release New Products at SAPPHIRE® NOW and the…

Innowera to Release New Products at SAPPHIRE® NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference

Innowera announced the launch of two innovative products Email Runner and Easy Workflow allowing SAP users to simplify and better manage their business and increase the efficiency needed in today’s data management world. We are pleased to announce the release of Innowera Email Runner and Innowera Easy Workflow at SAPPHIRE NOW. These products from Innowera will help lead innovation in this space, said Mickey Shah, founder and chief solution architect at Innowera. These will bring new features and functionality to companies around the world who run their business on SAP.

Innowera Email Runner : Simply use your email to perform your tasks in SAP, without the need of a browser or an app. Innowera’s Email Runner allows SAP users to take action on an assigned SAP task without being connected to their corporate intranet. By replying to an email Innowera’s Email Runner executes the required action in their SAP system. These actions range from approvals, data inquiries or even quick data fixes, all from an email. Send an email with a customer’s number and get all recent Sales orders back in a return email. Send an email to find out current stock of material in a plant and get the answer back in a reply email. Approve workflows in SAP or in SharePoint, release purchase requisitions, or approve leave all by email.

Innowera Easy Workflow : Easy Workflow is the solution for business people. Workflow cannot be easier when you can do it all in Excel. If you already have a form for Journal Entry, HR records, Vendors, Customers, Material-Run then an Excel built-in workflow would allow you to pass it back and forth between the various levels of approvals, and then finally post that data into SAP. Easy Workflow works in Excel and integrates with SAP, without any development costs or extra coding required. Even workflow definition and reporting are done right from Excel without learning any other software.

To get first-hand experience with these new products and also other innovative solutions in the SAP data management space visit Innowera in booth#1700 at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando.

About Innowera

Innowera is an SAP partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program for Application Development in the data management space. Innowera supports users on all levels of business by driving efficiencies via automation with solutions like Innowera Process Runner. Innowera’s Control Panel, Dashboard, and Enterprise Share applications provide a complete set of functionality for managing data in SAP solutions with enterprise-grade governance, reporting, sharing, and collaboration for an agile enterprise. Innowera’s integration products such as Innowera Web and Mobile Server provide connectivity to Web, iOS, and Android devices as well as to Microsoft SharePoint and other popular applications. Innowera offers technology that connects users from software and devices to SAP solutions without involving any coding or traditional implementation methodology, enabling organizations to become agile while reducing overall costs.

Innowera is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and its solutions are available globally through resellers and channel partners in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. For more information, please visit

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