Automation is the key to SAP data management

Business users are faced with increasing challenges in today’s competitive and economically challenging environment-coupled with the notion that most CIOs have a keen interest in optimizing IT resources. Business users are looking for cost and productivity improvements, and increased business agility.

For us at Innowera, SAP data management is not a job – it’s a passion. We have a very exciting white paper highlighting our approach to helping SAP business users to proactively manage sap data needs with Innowera Process Runner by providing automation capabilities such as :

  • Upload and download of data, information and events to and from SAP systems.
  • Support mass data creation, changes, updates and verification among other activities.

Business users are able to best leverage its resources and repond faster to SAP data management needs, thus increasing the value its SAP applications deliver to the bottom line of the business. Innowera’s SAP data management solutions comprise a unique, comprehensive blend of domain knowledge and expertise with technology that accelerates each customer’s journey towards an improved bottom line.

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