Innowera Web Runner

Run SAP from a Web Browser

Innowera Web Runner facilitates running SAP processes from a web browser. There is no need to install SAP GUI or anything else for simple tasks when you enable your workforce with Innowera Web Runner.

Innowera Web Runner allows your users to run SAP processes (i.e. SAP Transactions, Business APIs, data extraction requests from various SAP tables and views) from a standard web browser. Innowera Web Runner does not need the SAP GUI, Process Runner or Excel installed on the computer where you want to use it. Innowera Web Runner also allows you to embed particular SAP processes in other intranet websites such as SharePoint or your company portal.

SAP Processes from web
Create sales order in sap from web


  • Run SAP from a web browser

  • Design SAP Transaction, Business API or Data Extraction processes (or combination of them) using Process Runner

  • Hide screen and navigation complexity for end users and simplify SAP

  • No ABAP or coding required anywhere. Works with your standard SAP installation. No additional software/hardware required

  • Embed as a Web Parts in existing SharePoint or intranet/portal

  • User enters credentials at runtime or uses integrated credentials

  • Innowera Web Runner is built to consume WebAPI that is built on Innowera Software Development Kit (SDK)


Use cases:

  • Ideal for simple processes as it will eliminate the need to install SAP GUI or any other software

  • Eliminates the need to learn complex screens. User enters only few critical fields and the remainder is defaulted or derived at run time

  • Shop floor or other area where simplicity and speed is paramount

  • When user needs to SAP access only once in a while

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