Innowera Solution for SAP System Integrator

As a SAP SI you need to constantly look for savings whenever possible. In an ultra-competitive environment, SAP projects of time- and material-based billing are rapidly giving way to fixed cost projects which means any efficiency that you can achieve will flow to your bottom line and introducing tools to your project that SAP users embrace will ensure a positive customer relationship.

Challenge and Issues:

  • Maximize efficiencies in fixed cost projects
  • Rapidly transition data into SAP systems
  • Provide representative and rich Test Data
  • Introduce novel technologies
  • Reuse and reduce cycle time
  • Reporting and tracking in real time on data related activities
  • Crowded market – no clear differentiators
  • Enabling customer sustainment when leaving the project

Approach and Solution

Prosper in a fixed cost environment

Prosper in a fixed cost environment:

The reality of many of today’s SAP implementation projects is strict limits on cost and time. Meeting these requirements, especially with the all too frequent potential of unpleasant surprises during the project, can be a daunting task for an SAP SI. But if you have Innowera tools in your repertoire you can not only survive but prosper in this environment. Ultra efficient data management means you can quickly and efficiently move customer data from their repositories into SAP via transactions and BAPIs, and just as efficiently pull data from SAP tables and views. These efficiencies will allow you to meet and exceed your goals in an SAP project.

Get That Data Into SAP:

User data in “personal” databases (primarily Excel) is a reality in many companies. Capturing that data, and getting through the confusing rules of SAP, is often a challenge for those new to SAP. And trying to train users in SAP is often poorly received and difficult and time consuming. Process Runner, with an approach similar to SAP super user/regular user, allows you to train a few key users to easily build processes to transactionally bring outside data into SAP. Regular users can then simply run a process, with no need to even start up SAP (or, with our new Excel toolbar, not even need to leave the friendly confines of their Excel spreadsheets, yet post into SAP while respecting SAP security and governance).

Get That Data Into SAP
Introduce New Technology

Introduce New Technology:

Looking to become that elusive “trusted advisor” during your SAP implementations, paving the way for repeat engagements and customer referencability? Doing a great job in implementation is important, as is leaving behind tools that provide value to your customers. Process Runner not only is a great tool during all of the data management activities of a project, but is also invaluable for the myriad number of day-to-day data management requirements of SAP everyday life. And its ease of use allow you to quickly transition to the customer business community, allowing you to hit a home run in your goal of becoming a trusted advisor.

Repeatable Tools and Shrunken Cycle Time:

Okay, so let’s look at the data management project-to-project process currently: develop customer- (and implementation) specific LSMW scripts for the current project, and at the next project re-analyze the data, re-do a bunch of the ABAP code involved, and you are ready to go. Now, how about if you had Process Runner: start with a repository of several hundred processes, and for those that are not included, run the transaction one time to create a new process to add to your library. When you go to the next project simply attached the new data source to your existing process (and maybe have a business user do a bit of simple changes to mapping). Repeatable use of existing processes, and very little time to create new processes.

Repeatable Tools and Shrunken Cycle Time
Real Time Reporting and Tracking

Real Time Reporting and Tracking:

One consequence of data management is the lack of visibility of the individual activities, making it difficult to assess the overall impact as well as to monitor usage by individuals or departments. With Innowera Dashboard you have provides a graphical overview of how Process Runner is being used within your enterprise. Drill down to record level to find out who is doing what or simply spot a trend within departments, users, systems or processes. It provides management visibility into lifecycle and test management reports, metrics and graphical key performance indicators.

Keep the Customer Satisfied:

The ultimate goal of any customer engagement is a happy customer, leading to repeat business and a positive reference. So after using Process Runner (which can be a White Label version for your use… contact Innowera to discuss) to enhance your efficiency during the project, leave it behind with your customer and they will continue to reap data management benefits while running SAP. And knowledge transfer, often a project issue, is streamlined with Process Runner‘s ease of use, providing another differentiator for you. Net result is you will improve your customer relationship. Process Runner – the gift that keeps on giving!

Keep the Customer Satisfied


Process Runner‘s easy fit with Excel data means an easy transition of data into SAP from all customer data sources without needing standard templates. This leads to tremendous efficiency moving to new customer projects, giving you a significant advantage over competitors using tools such as LSMW. And the opportunity to introduce Process Runner to your customer during the project will result in an improved status as a trusted advisor.

Next Steps:

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