Innowera Solution for SAP Process/Data Owner

As an SAP Process/Data owner you are responsible for managing and maintaining your data on a day-to-day basis, however when circumstances arise and you are forced to manage data on a mass scale, where do you turn? SAP provided tools? Your IT department? Manual data entry?

Challenge and Issues:

SAP-provided tools (such as LSMW, CATT, SE16, etc.) are designed for data management by SAP customers but their use may lead to issues for IT:

  • SAP-provided tools such as LSMW, CATT, SE16, etc. are extremely technical and most process/data owners do not have access and/or expertise to these tools.
  • Your IT department considers your data request “low priority” and your turn around time is weeks to months.
  • Once your request is serviced, your data issues have spawned process issues, leading to back and forth coordination with you and your IT department.
  • You do not have enough hours in your day to manually upload the data that is critical to your work.

Approach and Solution



At the core of Innowera’s Data Management solution is Process Runner, a tool specifically designed for the business user, which simply put will automate any SAP transaction. Imagine having your data stored in an Excel file or database and with the click of a run button your data is run through your SAP transactions. No tricks here, the data is actually run through the SAP transaction so you still have all of your business rules and compliance that make SAP so great. It would be as if you were manually entering it yourself, only about 1,000 times faster. The best part is there are no changes required to your SAP server or security. Process Runner complies to your SAP security. Whatever you would normally be able to do as a user you’re able to do with Process Runner.

Get the right tools:

Whatever your data management needs are, Innowera has what you’re looking for. Process Runner‘s 4 in 1 tool provide the most comprehensive toolset on the market today. Also you get access to our ‘Rapid Data Management’ (RDM) which offers hundreds of ready to run templates hosted on our cloud for easy and reliable access. You will redefine how you manage your data.

Get the right tools
SAP Genius

SAP Genius:

Process Runner makes managing data between SAP and Excel simpler, faster, and more efficient, so you can use it without IT help. Process Runner‘s easy to use application brings time (and cost) savings, increased accuracy and, most importantly, user empowerment, allowing you to manage your data in and out of SAP, all the while respecting SAP security and governance. And it is totally handled by you, making you an instant SAP genius.

  • No manual entry
  • Decrease/eliminate reliance on IT for data related issues
  • Accurately and efficiently manage data using Excel (or popular DBs such as Access, SQL, etc.)
  • One software that works with SAP (including Enjoy) transactions, Business APIs, tables and views. No need to install, learn and manage separate tools for transactions, BAPIs, table query and downloads.
  • Comes with hundreds of ready to run templates offered by Innowera Rapid Data Management (‘RDM’)

Next Steps:

To see how Process Runner can help you today, download a free trial, check out one of our white papers or sign up for a webinar today!