Innowera Solution for an SAP focused BPO

You are responsible for running a BPO where SAP is central or important system. Your team is responsible for managing various activities in SAP on behalf of your (internal or external) customer. We understand that you have different challenges and issues.

Challenge and Issues:

  • SAP skilled resources are in high demand and hence difficult to find and costly to engage.
  • You have a complex environment to train people, and retention issues are all too frequent.
  • Each customer-site SAP environment is unique with a special implementation to suit their requirements.
  • Not designed to handle Big Data – volume that is not planned – means lost opportunity or negative impact on other day-to-day operations until the volume is addressed.
  • ABAP or other automation is prohibitive or very difficult to achieve with layers of people and months of approval processes.
  • Automation capability brings risk due to lack of monitoring and governance for mass updates – your customer may have this view and is reluctant to let you use any automation tool.
  • No visibility of implemented automation strategy.
  • Existing tool or internally developed macros are inadequate or fall short in many areas.

Approach and Solution

Retain knowledge:

Use the collective power of the cloud: Innowera ‘Rapid Data Management‘ (RDM) offers hundreds of ready to run templates hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud for easy, global, always-on and reliable access. RDM has templates for popular and widely used SAP processes, all ready-to-run with recording, mapping and sample data. RDM templates eliminate need to know how to build SAP processes and allows the less technical workforce to perform like champions.

Improve Margin:

Productivity improvements flow to your bottom line. When your business user experts can handle data management without needing to work with technical resources (or without needing to acquire technical expertise themselves) they become more efficient, and your team is able to do more with less. You not only can work with smaller teams, but they also ramp up speed and efficiency with vast improvements over the former methods used. Less staff + faster results = improved margin!.

Bring the non-SAP people on board:

A large element of your user base is works in Excel as a part of their data management. Getting their offline content to SAP is often difficult, especially for those who have infrequent need to update SAP. Training, user acceptance, and retaining knowledge are constant challenges. Innowera’s Run Only user and our upcoming toolbar for Excel provide an opportunity to have these casual users update SAP, including full attention to SAP security and governance, without the need to access an SAP screen. Think of it as moving from people-oriented to process-oriented data management!

Faster Turnaround:

When time is of the essence and the volume of the data is taxing your capacity, you need a tool that can deliver throughput. Process Runner is parallel processing enabled allowing you do more in less time. With Process Runner DB, you can handle more multi-million record counts directly from popular database sources. And new data management requirements are a breeze… no more multi-discipline (business and technical) teams: with Process Runner the data experts handle everything and your valuable technical experts are free for more appropriate tasks.

Deeper automation:

Only Innowera offers very deep automation capability that goes beyond traditional transaction automation. Process Runner also includes the ability to automate newer GUI-scripted transactions, BAPI and RFM, and do data extraction from SAP tables and views – all from one easy to use interface.

Controlled Access to customer’s SAP system:

Customers may be nervous with a BPO using any kind of automation tools without additional governance in place. Innowera Control Panel offer this over-arching layer or governance and damage control against misuse of automation capabilities. When Innowera Control Panel is in place, you can guarantee your customers that you will not overload their system with excessive automation load and also ensure them that only authorized processes and people are using automation on their system. Without governance for your automation tool, your customer is likely to restrict the automation rights you propose.

Clear visibility of automation strategy:

With Innowera Dashboard, you can closely monitor who is doing what, why and when. Dashboard also provides an ROI report to validate that your automation strategy is working for your company. Output from Dashboard can also be instantly provided to the customer to demonstrate various transactional performances along with error and exception counts.

Success Stories:

Contact us for many success stories with “wow” results and how to make your BPO super productive – like no other.

Next Steps:

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