Innowera Solution for an SAP Department Manager

As a department manager for a company running SAP you are tasked with keeping up to the day-to-day demands of data management for SAP. Your business users are required to leave the comfort of their familiar legacy data repositories and systems and work within SAP. They are often reticent to embrace SAP due to their knowledge and comfort with existing systems and processes. This may result in a backlash towards SAP and attempts to create workarounds.

Challenges and Issues:

  • Alternative to SAP GUI interface
  • Run SAP Transactions directly from Excel data file
  • Empower SAP business users
  • Flexible Licensing

Approach and Solution

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface:

Even long after introduction of SAP users have a desire to hang on to their legacy environment, especially with data that resides in Excel. This is natural as Excel transcends business… use away from work makes it more natural and personal, a feeling that an enterprise application like SAP cannot expect to accomplish. So trying to have your business users leave Excel and manage data directly in SAP will often bring resistance. Process Runner‘s seamless integration with Excel allows your users to manage their data from Excel to SAP, maintaining SAP security and governance. In fact our new toolbar for Excel allows full integration with SAP without needing to start SAP or Process Runner – you can’t get much more user friendly than that!

Let Data Owners Manage Their Data:

SAP comes with a set of tools for data management and, with your licensing you already own them. And they do work, but with a caveat: there is a technical component that means business users need to work with IT in order to create/maintain the data management scripts. This is often a tedious exercise, involving many interactions between the business user data owner and the IT technical expert, and those iterations are inevitably challenged by schedule changes and fire fighting on both sides. As a result data management using system tools can be frustrating enough that business users will turn to manual entry to get the job done. Process Runner brings the best solution possible: have the data owners on the business side do their own data management in an efficient user-friendly application that complies with SAP security and governance. Even better, Process Runner brings in new functionality like advanced simulation to add even more value.

Licensing to Fit Your SAP Environment
Licensing to Fit Your SAP Environment

Licensing to Fit Your SAP Environment:

SAP is often set up with a hierarchy of users on the business side, with Super Users who have more responsibility and authority leading groups of regular business users. This model works well as it promotes leadership (and usually reinforces an existing leadership setup), brings control, and minimizes training. Process Runner has the same model with our combination of Designer (create, modify, and run processes) and Run Only users. This works very well with your casual SAP users, as Run Only is less complex and has less functionality, and we have extended this with our new toolbar for Excel which allows your casual SAP users to interact with SAP completely from within Excel – no need to start up SAP or Process Runner. Process Runner licensing also includes flexibility and cost savings with our concurrent (floating) user types, allowing users to share licenses and maximize your investment.

Next Steps:

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