Innowera Software Development Kit (SDK) SAP

Easily integrate your application with SAP

Innowera offers a simple but powerful integration technology with the Innowera Software Development Kit (SDK). Innowera SDK enables non-SAP computer programs and screens to integrate with SAP– with few lines of code – and without needing extensive SAP expertise.

  • Easily integrate SAP with your non-SAP application. SAP expertise is NOT required.
  • Innowera SDK provides an ability to run SAP processes such as SAP transactions, SAP Business APIs, and Data Extraction requests from SAP tables and views (or combinations of these) from your environment with only few lines of code or script.
  • Various SAP authentication methods are supported and all SAP security is automatically complied with.
  • Innowera SDK can be used with traditional windows applications or from Web and Mobile applications.
  • Use Visual Studio, VBScript, JavaScript, command prompt, PowerShell etc. Or integrate on iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry using Innowera REST-enabled WebAPI server which is built on Innowera SDK.
  • Use Process Runner – the most advanced automation tool to design your SAP processes. Process Runner generates XML process files that Innowera SDK can execute with only a few lines of code.
  • We are using Innowera SDK internally: Innowera SDK is being used in Process Runner Excel add-in, Innowera Web and Mobile Server, Innowera Web Runner, Innowera Email Runner and Process Runner CMD tool.
  • OEM licensing and start-to-finish help to integrate your application with SAP is available. No SAP expertise or infrastructure required to start. If desired, we will help you with certifying your application with SAP as well.

How does it work?

  • Design XML processes using Process Runner. Target SAP transactions, BAPIs, and Data Extractor from SAP tables and views, or combinations of these.
  • Embed the designed process in your applications referencing Innowera SDK.
  • Processes can be executed in the target SAP system as triggered by an event or a run call from your application.

For example, You may want to create a sales order in SAP using your application:

Integrate application with SAP
  • Design a Create Sales Order process (or use one of the hundreds of ready to run RDM templates from the Innowera cloud) in SAP using Process Runner. You will have a “Create Sales Order” XML file (process file) ready at this stage.
  • Send sales order information from your application to the “Create Sales Order” process file using Innowera SDK. Values can be defaulted or derived in the process file (meaning only critical values need be sent).
  • Trigger an execute (run) call from your application at the appropriate time (i.e. user saves an object in your application). Innowera SDK will handle authentication, logging and execution of “Create Sales Order” in SAP and return various messages back to you that you can consume or display in your application as desired.

This is only a simple illustration. A more complex scenario can be implemented using Innowera SDK.

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