Innowera Product Release Q3-2020

Innowera Process Runner in AWS Marketplace

Process Runner can now be purchased through the AWS Marketplace for monthly subscription. The license management if purchased through the marketplace is entirely self-service making it quicker and easier to handle license assignment and management within your organization.

Innowera Process Runner

Process Runner now provides an in-product notification for new updates that allows users to download the later version easily and install.Pre/Post/Custom scripts now allow adding custom libraries as references to the code. This allows users to create or reuse their own libraries in the pre/post/custom scripts.

Innowera Excel AddIn

Excel AddIn is now compatible with SAP recommended NCo library.Similar to process runner Excel AddIn shows in-product notification for new releases.

Innowera Easy Workflow

Easy Workflow supports a GUI based workflow designer. Users can now design the workflow using a modern drag and drop UI.Easy Workflow now allows users to pin the Inbox or Open from EShare window letting them keep the window open even while opening a work-item.Easy Workflow is now compatible with SAP recommended NCo library.