Innowera Product Release Q2-2020

Innowera Process Runner 5.20.13

Allow mapping based on Excel column header cell:

Process Runner now allows mapping columns based on header text. Earlier users had to map the columns only based on column position. With the ability to now map based on column header text, designers can build robust templates that would work fine with re-ordered columns or additional columns in between. During the run from Process Runner or Excel AddIn, if header text based mapping is used, the presence of those columns is first validated before running the process.

Innowera EShare 1.1.2

Service Configuration option introduced for configuration of Innowera EShare

EShare functionality is now accessible using a service end point instead of direct database connection. This allows users to install the EShare as a service and use the service end point, thus not having to specify database credentials on all client machines.

This service settings is also available in control panel to be centrally set and pushed.

Innowera Easy Workflow 2.5.8

Manage auto-run tasks from Pending Workflow Items (Other) tab:

Auto-run tasks can now be managed from Pending Workflow Items tab. This allows users to handle auto-run tasks that went into bad states due to unexpected reasons from one place.

Allow Edit custom fields for specific steps:

Custom fields can now be setup to be edited only in specific steps. This enables setting the visibility of custom fields at the appropriate steps and makes the workflow more intuitive.