Innowera Product Release Q1-2020

Innowera Process Runner 5.20.12

Undo, Redo features introduced in “Mapper” tab.

While working in the mapper tab, if a user accidently made a change and did not remember what the change was, there was no way to undo the change. User had to close the Process file without saving and reopen it or recover the old file from backup. With the new release, user has ability to undo and redo changes made in the mapper tab making it a more friendly user experience.

Innowera Process Runner is now compatible with NCo 3.0.

Process Runner now supports communication to SAP with the recommended NCo 3.0 library. The librfc based communication is also currently supported till SAP makes a major change to stop supporting that. This does not majorly affect the functionality as such, but makes Process Runner future ready to adapt with the underlying technical changes made by SAP.

Innowera Process Runner DB 5.20.11

Option to export enterprise settings introduced.

The Enterprise settings to connect to Control Panel, Dashboard and EShare can now be exported into an icf file and shared with others. This makes it easier for organizations to apply the same settings on multiple clients preventing errors that might occur during manual entry of these settings values.

Service Configuration option introduced for configuration of Innowera EShare.

Refer the EShare section

Innowera Easy Workflow 2.5.7

Dynamic Workflow Summary report introduced.

Users can now build their custom workflow summary reports similar to building a pivot table in excel. Users can choose the fields they’d like to use in filters including the custom fields and aggregate on the fields of their choice. This provides the ability to summarise the workflow statistics the way the user needs. For example, user can build a custom report to see the number of work-items started, completed and completion percentage for each work-flow per-quarter.

Similarly user can build a custom report to see the number of work-items in progress / completed / terminated by priority.

Option introduced to complete the step after estimated time has elapsed.

If an estimated time for a step is elapsed, user can choose to complete the step with a default action while defining the workflow step. This allows users to choose perform default actions such as approve / reject or terminate the workflow if the work-item is not attended to in the estimated time period.

Innowera EShare 1.1.1

Innowera EShare available as a service.

Previously, in order to connect to EShare, the client applications (Process Runner and Process Runner DB) had to connect directly to the EShare database by providing the database location and credentials in the enterprise settings. From this release, EShare is also made available as a service to which the client applications can communicate to. The EShare service can be deployed on a server machine and the location of the service can be provided in the client machines instead of the direct database location and credentials. This feature is available in Process Runner DB in the current release and will be made available in Process Runner in future release.

Innowera Control Panel 7.1.9 / Innowera Dashboard 4.5.8 /
Innowera Web and Mobile Server 5.3.3

Common license load functionality introduced.

Users can now manage the licenses of Control Panel, Dashboard and IWMS using a load license tool instead of having to copy files manually to specified locations.

Innowera App

There is no update for InnoweraApp so last available version 5.2.1 in App Market (iOS-App Store and Android-Google Play Store) is compatible with releasing of IWMS 5.3.3.