Innowera Process Runner License Overview


Innowera Process Runner licensing involves three main components:

  1. The duration of the license.
  2. The type or role of the user.
  3. The shareability of license.

This license page is to assist in selection of the most suitable type of Process Runner or Process Runner DB license.

Process Runner pricing starts from U$750 to several thousand dollars per user. A typical license costs a few thousand per user.

User Roles

  • Designer = Super User View -> Design Focused UI
    • Extended user interface for design, test, debug, run
    • Ability to create, change, copy, duplicate and extend existing process or use cloud sample store
    • Ability to implement checks, passwords, rights, notifications, pre-post processing

Run Only
  • Run Only = End User View -> Data/Task Focused UI
    • Simplified user interface, focused on data and task
    • Same advanced processing functionality without unneeded exposure of design and map controls
    • Can manage transaction, data extractor and more from the same user interface
    • Lower price licensing


License Type Duration Shareable between Users Transferable between User
Seat-Named Perpetual Yes *
Floating-Concurrent Perpetual Yes **
Subscription Annual

*Limited **Unlimited

Seat-Named - License is locked to a user ID on a specific computer. License is transferable to another user. Innowera License Server will be provided to manage named users.

Floating-Concurrent - License can be freely and concurrently shared by many users provided users are in the licensed site. Innowera provided License Server will have to be installed within your network and must be accessible to all the users who want to use the software.

Subscription - License is locked to a user ID on a specific computer. This type of license offers no transferability to another user or another computer once it is issued.

Innowera Licence Overview
Note: Please refer to system requirements for more details on Innowera License Server


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