SAP Data Management for the Agile Enterprise

SAP Data Management Strategy – do you have one? How do you manage the enormous volume and rapid changes to your SAP data that your business needs every day? Are your business and IT struggling to keep up with SAP data-related tasks? If you cannot find satisfactory answers, consider Innowera’s data management suite designed just for your SAP landscape.

Innowera’s enterprise grade data management suite brings all around productivity and agility while providing simplified data management, collaboration, publishing, reporting, governance and monitoring capabilities to all involved.

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Innowera Technology Overview

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise-class SAP Data Management tools

Process Runner Designer
Process Runner

Innowera Process Runner is a simple yet powerful SAP data loader and extractor designed for business users. Your familiar Microsoft Excel is used to either upload or download to and from SAP. Process Runner offers powerful feature sets and a sensible price point. Installs in minutes and comes with hundreds of templates and world class support.

Process Runner Run Only
Process Runner
Run Only

Process Runner software can function as a “Designer” version or as a “Run Only” version. “Run Only” version is limited version of the same software which allows full running functionality but limited other functionality. Click here to learn more about Run-Only license.

Innowera Control Panel

Innowera’s web based control panel – Innowera Control Panel provides a governance layer on top of the standard SAP security control. Innowera Control Panel allows IT to easily and globally monitor and control Process Runner access within an enterprise. Your widespread and remote users will enjoy flexibility of access and you will still have full management with Innowera Control Panel.

Innowera Dashboard

Innowera Dashboard is an optional add-on that provides a graphical overview of how Process Runner is being used within your enterprise. Drill down to the record level to answer your W’s: find out What is done, When, by Whom, and Why.

Innowera Dashboard provides an at-a-glance managerial view that aggregates push results from individual Process Runner users throughout the enterprise. Push results can be configured to be near real time to get an instantaneous view of errors, exceptions and success to better control and monitor when time is critical.


Enterprise Share (EShare) is a sharing and collaboration layer that extends Process Runner into your team environment. EShare allows Process Runner users to centrally store, publish, share, and collaborate on business processes – right from within Process Runner.

EShare connects otherwise disconnected people, groups, and satellite offices and takes team productivity to the next level.