Innowera Easy Workflow – Posting GL Account Entries (FB01)

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This video demonstrates Innowera Easy Workflow, showing a six-step workflow process where data for GL accounts is uploaded to SAP, right from an Excel template, residing on an Innowera Easy Workflow server. In Step 1 an end user inputs data for GL accounts into an Excel Spreadsheet. For Step 2 the data is tested against SAP, without actually committing the data to SAP, utilizing an Auto Test Run feature of Innowera Easy Workflow. The video shows how the Auto Test Run feature detects an error, and due to the error, the workflow is automatically reverted back to Step 1, for the first end user to make corrections in the data. After modifying the data, and passing the Auto Test Run, the workflow moves to Step 3, where a manager approves the GL entry request from email. At Step 4, the data is posted to SAP, right from the Excel template, by running an FB01 transaction automation script created with Innowera’s Process Runner. At Step 5, a workflow trace PDF report is automatically generated by Innowera Easy Workflow, and in Step 6, the PDF workflow report, and a copy of the Excel spreadsheet used in the workflow process is automatically uploaded to SAP.