Simplify & Automate your Business Processes in SAP Using Excel and Lower Your Risk with Data Governance

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Unify your ERP & Excel Data with Governance & Automation

Managing business application data is no trivial task. Microsoft Excel remains the go-to app for doing so, and as such, reliable integration of Excel spreadsheet data into your SAP ERP is vital to efficient business processes. The difference between remaining competitive and continually wondering what went wrong can be as small as a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet error.

  • Gain more consistent data governance and a clearer-cut audit chain
  • Get a smart and flexible workflow system for SAP. All within a seamless user experience combining workflow management, approvals, and notifications
  • Achieve reliable data conversion, loading, and testing, and allow for full validation testing before you make updates in production
  • Make spreadsheets more manageable and sustainable parts of a company-wide infrastructure

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