Innowera Corporate Message

Innowera – Bringing Innovation First to Market

Innowera – even our name says “Innovative Software”, and we continue to prove it with our software offerings. Here is a brief look at the thought and technology leadership the team at Innowera has provided for SAP Data Management over the years.

1999-2003 Innowera founder invented and introduced the first generation of Excel and SAP transaction technology – the first wave of enabling SAP business users to perform their own data management.
2008 Innowera Process Runner, the first automatic BAPI generator for business users as well as the first all-in-one tool to handle SAP Transaction, Business API, GUI Scripting, and Data Extraction along with Innowera EShare, our sharing and team collaboration application. (See overview of Innowera technology)
2009 Innowera Process Runner DB, first application for business user to connect SQL server, My SQL, Oracle, Sybase and other popular databases to SAP using Process Runner technology that was introduced in 2008.
2010 Long Text Extractor that facilitates easy extraction of the over 1000 long text objects including HR long texts objects. See details of features of Process Runner.
2011 Process Runner LITE as a first “free” application that connects Excel and SAP transactions. Innowera LITE enabled thousands of users in the first few months from its inception.
2011 First governance and reporting in mass SAP data management: Innowera Control Panel for your IT organization to manage Process Runner within your enterprise, and Innowera Dashboard to provide a wide range of analytical reporting on how Process Runner is being used. For more information see the Control Panel product page.
2011 First cloud-connected SAP Rapid Data Management (RDM), i.e. ready to run templates delivered from the Microsoft Azure cloud to Process Runner users. RDM offered about 400 templates with recording, mapping, and sample data on the first day of inception. RDM further reduced the time it takes to manage SAP data from hours to minutes and enabled less technical users to do more.
2012 Innowera’s Web and Mobile Server was the first data-centric generic SAP mobile application allowing the use of SAP with the most popular mobile devices without needing additional infrastructure or writing extensive code. This is accompanied by other SAP simplification technology including Web Runner which facilitates running SAP processes from a web browser and Innowera Software Development Kit to enable non-SAP computer programs and screens to integrate with SAP with few lines of code and without needing extensive SAP expertise.
2012 As SAP hits the 40 year mark Innowera introduces Process Runner Command Prompt to run SAP processes from a DOS/command prompt!
2012 Innowera enables SharePoint users to effectively use SharePoint, InfoPath and Workflow. Users interact with SAP without leaving the SharePoint environment and without changing the existing Microsoft and SAP technologies. Find out more.
2012 Innowera publishes its InnoweraApp on Apple App Store and Google Play Stores providing fastest way to take SAP processes on the tablet and mobile devices.
2013 Data Governance – Prevent bad data being loaded from Excel and implement your business rules and constrains on what is being loaded in SAP from Excel. Further controlling responsible Excel to SAP uploads and reducing risk in mass processing.
2013 First InfoPath Plug in for Web Service that integrate with SAP. Use your existing InfoPath forms or create one from scratch and integrate them with SAP without writing a single line of code in SharePoint or in SAP. Integrate Transaction, BAPI or Data Extraction with InfoPath and SAP. For more details go to this InfoPath Plug in page.
2014 Email Runner enables users to simply send an email to perform tasks in SAP, without the need of a browser or an app. it allows SAP users to take action on an assigned SAP task without being connected to their corporate intranet.
2014 Easy Workflow is the solution for business people. It’s an Excel built-in workflow would that would allow users to pass it back and forth between the various levels of approvals, and then finally post that data into SAP. Easy Workflow works in Excel and integrates with SAP without any development costs or extra coding required. See more about this innovative solution.
2015 Innowera Commander added to Process Runner DB to provide centralized monitoring and execution control for various processes. Based on MSMQ technology this capability brought robust, reliable performance and reuse open of open Process Runner DB sessions. This ensure that they are processed in correct sequence for automated scheduling and processing. Please see more about Innowera Commander.
2016 Salesforce-SAP Integration solution was rolled out to bring the SaaS CRM leader and SAP together. With this product you can simply use Process Runner (no code needed) and you can now provide 2-way updates and extractions of data between these two important business systems.
2017 In 2017, Innowera launched Process Runner – a brand new look and a wealth of new features for its flagship product, Process Runner. With this release we brought to market a content-rich user experience. Additionally, new advanced features were added for Process Runner customers included more support for custom dynamic skip and formula building. New pre-script capabilities are also available for some advanced scenarios. In all over 500 new enhancements and features were added. Learn more about Process Runner Enterprise.
2017 With the dawn of the Internet of Things (also known as IoT) Innowera has created another integrated way to simply integrate applications into the business with the Amazon Dash Button hardware. Your Innowera tools now integrates this AWS IOT Dash button functionality with Innowera Process Runner, Easy Workflow and Innowera Web and Mobile Server (IWMS) tool. Another way to bring your more of your data together simply and timely. Learn more about a simple way of integrating Amazon Dash with SAP using Innowera.

Like all of IT, the speed of change is increasing, and Innowera continues to be leading the charge. Our commitment to technology is your assurance that partnering with Innowera means you will always have the opportunity to use the newest and best tools for SAP Data Management.