Infopath Add-in for SharePoint

Innowera offers complete SAP – SharePoint integration solution. Click here to learn more

  • Innowera’s InfoPath Add-in allows users to quickly and easily publish forms to manage your SAP data. You can query SAP, update or create objects in SAP – all from one form.

  • Select one of the published web services then select pre-built form template in easy to follow wizard and you will have your new form ready that talks to SAP in less time than reading this page. If you are planning to publish the form to SharePoint library, it will also create connection definition (.udcx) and publish that to SharePoint data connection library.

  • Already have InfoPath forms? Innowera’s InfoPath Add-in allows you to use your existing InfoPath forms and easily bind existing fields on the form to SAP fields. It will also add the necessary web service connections for your SAP calls making your existing InfoPath form talk to SAP in few easy steps.

  • Use InfoPath form as an off-line form, email it to someone to fill it in and execute required actions in SAP in off-line mode or using InfoPath Filler or publish the form to SharePoint Library and use as a web forms. Build SPD or Nintex workflow and complete your process automation that goes all the way to SAP.

  • No coding required in SAP or in InfoPath!!

  • InfoPath Add-in is available in InfoPath-2010.

Infopath Add-in for SharePoint
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InfoPath migration information

There is some informatoin about InfoPath migration proided by Microsoft. Visit Official InfoPath Update blog from Microsoft.

Following are the summary of InfoPath migration information

  1. InfoPath is supported till 2023 2026.

  2. Continue to use InfoPath (but don’t start new big project on it).

  3. Microsoft will officially announce migration path to InfoPath soon.

  4. Existing InfoPath form can be integrated with SAP easily using Innowera integration technology.

  5. If desired, Innowera can help you migrate your existing InfoPath forms to another technology and integrate them to SAP.