How Innowera is creating raving fans!

The Innowera team is very excited to announce the results of a recent Microsoft partner network customer satisfaction survey that was collected by a third party.

These evaluations provide feedback from our customers regarding their satisfaction with us and the performance related to our services and solutions.

We at Innowera take huge pride in the first class customer support we provide and we do everything we can to ensure that our service quality exceeds industry standard so we are delighted to hear back from our customers and we would like to say thank you for the amazing reviews.

Click here for more information about our customer’s feedback.

Key Performance Indicators* Innowera Surveys Benchmarks
Results All Partners Your Country
Recommend 100% 91% 92%
Satisfaction 100% 96% 96%
Quality of Products 90% 69% 78%
Value Received 90% 63% 74%
Ability to Meet Your Needs 80% 70% 78%
Technical Competency of Staff 100% 78% 84%

*Minimum of 6 responses required to report partner data and minimum of 50 responses from 5 or more partners needed to show benchmark data.

*Reviews were collected by a third party company handling the Microsoft Partner Network as of 12/5/2014.